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Bear Lake Roommate Reunion


We spent last weekend at Bear Lake with a few of my roommates from BYU. We had been planning this weekend for almost a whole year, and all of the planning and organizing (mostly done by Cathryn) was sooo worth it. It was such a great little getaway. These girls are truly gems, with such kind hearts, awesome friends and even better wives and mothers. I'm so lucky to call them friends. We had 7 babies with us this weekend, which made it all the more fun and chaotic.

We arrived on Thursday night and stayed until Sunday morning. We rented a huge 6 bedroom cabin up on the hill overlooking the beautiful lake. Friday we rented a Jet Ski and Saturday we went to the North Beach Park. Every night we stayed up way too late talking, catching up, reminiscing, and laughing. This was technically the 5 year reunion of us living together, and it was kind of said that we'd try this every 5 years, but after we had such a great time we're thinking about trying it every 2 years instead.

^^I can't get over the color of that water. It's [almost] just as good as the water in Cancun. Gorgeous.

^^We had a great time with the Jet Ski. Pictured above is Jamie, Cole, and Taizlee. I took Reagan out on the Jet Ski and she had a little running monologue the entire time of "Wheeeee!" and "Yay Mommy!" It was the cutest. She's our little dare devil.

We were each in charge of one meal, and then we shared a quick breakfast Sunday morning before we left. It worked out perfectly and we had some really tasty meals. Our house had 3 picnic tables out on the deck so we ate all of our dinners outside, which was amazing. Great views, perfect weather, and less cleanup with the messy eater children.

Friday night I did a little royal icing sugar cookie class. I thought it was hilarious when this idea was suggested, but I was really excited to teach them some of the things I have learned in the past few years in regards to sugar cookies. They did great and we ended up with some super cute and tasty cookies.

Devin and Claire stopped by to see us on their way out of town on Friday after their own Bear Lake trip and recommended that we head to the North Beach Park because it is so good for kids. It was awesome! Seriously one of the most fun beaches I have ever visited. Reagan could walk out about 50 feet before it was too deep for her to touch.

^^Reagan sadly had her cast while we visited so we made her a crazy glove contraption so she could still play at the beach. It worked pretty well, definitely not ideal but thankfully she didn't seem to mind one bit.

^^Jamie and Cole had already left but we still wanted to snap a quick picture at the beach.

^^From left to right: Tara, Melissa, Jamie, Taizlee, Cole, Brooklyn, Caroline, Cathryn, Bruce, Baby Joe, Chelsea, Sophia, Jose, Naomi, Jordan, me, and Reagan.

Next time I hope all of the husbands can come, as well as the roommates we truly missed!

^^We saw a moose on the stunning drive home.


  1. Love this! Seriously, this was sooo much fun! Thanks for documenting Corina. Love love all the pics!

  2. Yay! So glad you got to go to the North Shore! I bet you guys had a blast together, I meant to bring cookies to ours but totally ran out of time - that's awesome you got to teach them! Lucky girls!


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