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Camping at Antelope Island


We took our first real family camping trip last Friday. I say real family camping trip because it was the first one where it was just us 4 as a family. We've been wanting to go camping for a long time, but our weekends somehow keep disappearing. So even though we knew that the weekend of the 4th was going to be swarming with campers everywhere in Utah we decided to go anyway. Jordan started researching campsites online and even Monday the week of it seemed like every camp site in Utah was reserved (except of course for the first-come-first-served, which we didn't want to do because we were going after work on Friday). We finally found a few open campsites at Antelope Island for Friday night and since it is only a short little drive for us we decided to go for it!

We got everything packed and ready, all of the meals planned and prepared. (The AC went out on my van so we spent the day waiting for it to be finished at the mechanic before heading home and out camping). We had planned tinfoil dinners, s'mores, and some yummy croissant, egg, sausage rolls for breakfast. All of our meals needed fire. We pulled up to Antelope Island only to find out we were horrible at reading fine print and there were no open flames allowed at our campsite! Shoot! So we drove back home and grabbed the charcoal and dutch ovens, and improvised all of our meals to make things work. We ended up putting the charcoal into one of our bigger dutch ovens and cooked our tinfoil dinners in the dutch oven-mini firepit, we still did s'mores but over our charcoal tower instead of a fire. We also added some cobbler to the dessert menu. And for breakfast instead of making croissant roll-ups we made a sausage and egg hash with croissant dough on top and baked it in our smaller dutch oven. We also made orange cinnamon rolls in the morning (pictured below)...So delicious!

There are a few other crazy parts of this little camping adventure. Number one being the CRAZZZZZZY spiders. HUGE spiders. EVERYWHERE. Number two being a newly potty trained three-year-old and vault toilets. And number three being the most amazing sunset of my life. Overall, lots of things went wrong on this camping trip but I definitely still consider it a success. We had perfect weather which enabled us to sleep without the rainfly on our tent. The whole top half of the tent is mesh so we slept under so many stars and were able to watch an amazing sunrise right from our air mattress in the morning. It was completely magical.

In the morning we ate breakfast, packed up the car, and then went exploring around Antelope Island. We saw some really cool buffalo up close, and also went to the Ranch.

^^Reagan climbed up the .25 mile Ladyfinger trail with me to take some pictures of and watch the sunset and I can see the sun almost setting, we're about 1 minute from the top and Reagan says, "I have to go the bathroom!" so I snatched her up in my arms and we ran to the top, snapped 5 pictures and then ran to the bottom. And I'm happy to report we made it on time.

But while we're on the topic of the vault toilet, I have to mention that in the morning Jordan took Reagan to the bathroom and she noticed that it was actually gross and not a regular bathroom. She saw some bugs inside and refused to sit on it. Jordan had to tell her to pee on the bugs in order to get her to go (which she still didn't really like, and I honestly can't blame her). After this slightly traumatic experience Reagan kept asking if the bathrooms at home and at restaurants were clean potties or yucky potties. Days later she was still asking if "Grandma's potty is clean potty without bugs?"

^^Both girls stayed up way past their bedtime, but it was definitely worth it, because they were both being so cute. They were not used to being "roommates." Naomi kept sitting up in her crib every few minutes to say, "HI!" and then she'd lay back down. It was very cute.

^^Ugh, seriously, this is what we stared at while falling asleep. It was amazing!!

I cut some oranges in half and scooped the fruit out and put a store-bought cinnamon roll in each half, wrapped it in foil and cooked it for a few minutes on some hot coals. Something about the cinnamon and orange taste/smell really reminded me of Christmas. They were so tasty!

And now to talk about the spiders. I have to document this. They were crazy! I was not prepared but after mentioning it on Instagram lots of people agreed that Antelope Island is straight out of a horror movie with the bugs in the Summer. Now I know. There were spiders and spider webs everywhere. In between every bush, in between the bushes and the table, in between the water bottle and the table, in between the high chair and the table. EVERYWHERE. Thankfully, Reagan didn't seem to see them or notice, but they sure freaked us out. We were constantly clearing away webs, or swatting bugs or shewing flies.

My first animal noise as a kid was the grunting of a buffalo, and I have to say, Reagan got pretty good at it this weekend too. And they really truly do grunt. And loud! They were so fun to see.

^^ I know they're big animals but Jordan was shocked at how really big they looked while marching across the road. Very big creatures. He said he could see why you'd want to eat one of those.

We stopped at Madbrook on our way home for a donut snack/lunch. We had never been before but were intrigued by the triangle donuts. They did not disappoint and neither did their decor of vintage signage.

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  1. This is AWESOME! And I love that you mentioned/posted the sunset because I instantly remembered that my parents have had this gorgeous sunset picture in their bedroom my whole life and it was one they took at antelope island years ago - so gorgeous! You're awesome to do real deal meals on your first family outing! We were super low maintenance with meals but I can't wait to do yummy things like this soon!


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