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Hill Aerospace Museum


My Mother-in-law gave me a cool book a little while ago called Playdate with Salt Lake City. I recently went through and flagged all of the spots that looked fun, and one that happened to be close to us and FREE was the Hill Aerospace Museum. I've been wanting to go here since we moved to Davis County, but had yet to make it. It was the perfect little outing the other day when we just had to get out of the house. Reagan was excited to go the museum because one of her favorite books right now is Curious George and the Dinosaur Museum, and who doesn't love looking at huge airplanes? (^^Like the huge plane pictured above? It has two floors and an elevator inside it.^^)

^^Replica of the first atomic bomb. Crazy. I had no idea this is what it looked like.

^^I loved that they had a British phone booth at the museum, and now I know a little bit more about them!

^^This crazy airplane below broke a number of world speed records and could fly from NY to London in just under 2 hours!

^^Found this particularly interesting: CREW WT. 200 LBS.

I love fun little outings like this, and I can't wait to continue exploring with my girls!


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