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Reagan's Broken Arm


Back in June Reagan broke her arm. We were at a park she had never been to before for a friend's birthday party. The kids were supposed to be playing at the splash pad but of course Reagan had to be playing at the park next to the splash pad instead. She was trying to cross a pretty slippery bridge that only had one skinny rope on the sides for support, which were too high for her to reach. She slipped off and fell landing right on her arm. She was inconsolable and couldn't stop crying which wasn't like her at all so we knew that something was up. I also asked her to touch my nose with the arm that she said was hurting (and was holding close to her body like it really hurt) and she couldn't lift it high enough to do it.

We were in Cottonwood Heights for the party so we went to the pediatrician's office we used to see before we moved. They have an after hours program called Kids Care and their office is connected to the hospital which we would need to visit for x-rays if her arm really was broken. It also ended up being nice that we were in that area of town because Jordan's parents came to get Naomi because we knew that this was probably going to be a long process.

The doctor knew pretty much right away that it was broken, especially since Reagan would wince every time she touched it just above the elbow. Just to confirm we did have to go next door to Alta View to get x-rays. Reagan hated getting the x-rays because she had to extend her arm all the way which I could tell really hurt her.

Finally, after lots of hours of waiting they gave her a splint which she had to wear for about a week. She was a trooper with everything right up until she had to start wearing the sling. She really hated that thing.

^^Saddest pictures ever!

A week later we went to an orthopedic doctor to get the hard cast put on. For days we had been talking about the BIG pink bandaid she was going to get. She loves pink and she loves bandaids so we hoped that talking about it like that would help prepare her. Reagan was a trooper when it came to her cast. It seemed like it didn't even bother her. She loved having people sign it and even asked for a new one when it came time to get it taken off.

^^Shinny new pink cast and a sucker for being such a good girl at the doctor.

^^It's really hard to tell from the angle of this x-ray but the break was just above the elbow. You can see it's broken on the right side of the bone above the elbow where it is no longer smooth near the bottom.

After 3 weeks with the hard cast we went back to the orthopedic doctor and they took her cast off, she got some new x-rays which showed new bone growth and the doctor gave us the O.K. that we were on the path to recovery and didn't need another cast. After the cast came off she immediately asked if she could have a new green one and then proceeded to try to put the pink one back on. She's silly!

It was a bummer to have this cast right in the middle of summer but we did ok avoiding all water activities for a month and have since resumed summer at full force. This little girl is a trooper. She was pretty much a broken bone waiting to happen with how energetic she plays corresponding with how clumsy she is. Hopefully that is something she will grow out of. This fall has made her a lot more cautious as well as terrified of heights (even getting on an elevator is scary to her now). I'm curious to see how long these new developments last, if they're temporary or permanent and HOPEFULLY we can be done forever with broken bones. 


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