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6 Years


Yesterday was our 6th wedding anniversary. We were planning on a low key celebration this year (because of Europe and all) but a free night in Park City fell into our laps at the last minute and we jumped on the opportunity and free babysitters and had a great little getaway. It's also kind of funny that we ended up going to Park City, because we have celebrated up there a few other times (1st Anniversary, and 4th Anniversary).

Our celebrations started on Friday afternoon when we went to see Jason Borne at the AMC theater (P.S. I mention that we saw it at AMC because, have you been to any of the new AMC theaters? THEY ARE AMAZING! So comfortable. I love their reclining seats.) After the movie we grabbed some dinner at Olive Garden (also P.S. Dylan gave us AMC and Olive Garden giftcards for Christmas and we have been loving them). After dinner we headed up to Park City. We found our hotel, settled in a bit and then decided we wanted to go get some dessert. We found a little Italian place by our hotel and got their 4 gelato sampler which came out in an ice cream cone lazy-susan.

In the morning we decided that we wanted to get half a dozen donuts since we have been married for half a dozen years. Jordan found this awesome donut place on Main Street, Peace Love and Little Donuts. Their donuts were so tasty! They made them and decorated them (topped them? Not sure about the correct donut terminology...) as we ordered them, so they were super fresh and yummy. I'll be honest, they were so good that we actually ordered the 1/2 dozen and then 2 extra on the side.

^^Apple Pie, Coffee Cake, Samoa, Banana Crunch, Razzle Dazzle, and Strawberry Shortcake (and not pictured we also got Honey Glazed and Blueberry)

We also popped into my favorite store on Main Street, Dolly's, the cutest little Shop Around the Corner kind of bookstore and then swung by the outlets on our way back to our daughters. It was a great little Anniversary Getaway! I have loved these past 6 years and look forward to many, many more with my love, best friend, and greatest man around. Happy Half Dozen Jord!

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  1. These pictures are so fun! That's awesome you got to do a getaway :)


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