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The whole reason we went on this trip (Seattle, Harrison Hot Springs, Vancouver) was because my mom got tickets to see Adele in Vancouver. When Adele announced her tour dates and tickets went on sale my mom had multiple computers going to try and get tickets. We were hoping for Denver, Phoenix, or even L.A. but those places all sold out lightening fast and the only locations she was able to get in the system were Vancouver and Mexico City. We opted for Vancouver and made a whole trip out of it! This concert was AMAZING! She is such a powerhouse and those pipes are incredible. It's amazing that she can completely captivate an audience with just her voice in a world of Taylors, and Katys, and Beyoncés. I love that feeling when you hear something not just with your ears but you can feel it in your heart. Truly incredible!

(I know pictures wont give you the FULL experience but here are some from our night)


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