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Bainbridge Island Ferry


At the conclusion of our Seattle/Vancouver trip (Seattle, Harrison Hot Springs, Vancouver, and ADELE!) we took the ferry out to Bainbridge Island. The ferry was awesome. It was so fun to see another angle of the city and I'm not sure if it's because we live so far away from water but I've learned this summer that exploring on boat is always one of my favorite parts of a trip. While in Bainbridge Island we grabbed some quick lunch, I explored a bookstore and another home decor store and then we had to book it back to the ferry for our ride back into Seattle to catch our flight. It was such a fun way to end our trip!

^^Passing the other ferry on our way back to Seattle.

P.S. After coming home from this trip I started watching Grey's Anatomy. I tried to watch it right after Reagan was born but it gave my postpartum self WAY too much anxiety so I had to quit. This time around though I'm loving it. And also, I just watched that episode with the ferry fire catastrophe and man oh man, I'm sure glad I watched that AFTER I rode the ferry. Any Grey's Anatomy fans out there?

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  1. Love all those views, even with the cloudy skies - very pretty! I love seeing cruise ships. and Naomi's sleepy eyes are the sweetest :)


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