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Harrison Hot Springs


While we were on our Seattle/Vancouver trip we made a short trip to Harrison Hot Springs. It was the cutest little town with a huge, beautiful lake, colorful little shops and restaurants and some hot springs. The lake was FREEZING because it is a glacer lake, but Reagan didn't seem to mind the temperature. She loves water. We rented cars when we arrived in Seattle and drove up to Canada after exploring Seattle. Harrison Hot Springs was our first stop in Canada and as fas as I'm concerned it was a great introduction to the country.

^^Dylan, Logan, and my mom spent an afternoon at this waterpark place. I think they liked it but when I asked them if they had fun they mostly said that the water was FREEZING.

^^We paid one visit to the public Hot Spring Pool and had a great time swimming in the HOT water.

^^They have a bit of a Sasquatch thing going on up there. (And after checking out what the mountain/forests look like I'm convinced that Sasquatch totally could live there. We visited this "friendly" Squatch (as Reagan called him) multiple times while we were there.

^^One morning we rented jet skis and rode them all around the lake. When we first got out on the water we were the only ones out on the lake and it was as smooth as glass. Reagan loves riding on jet skis and since the water was so great we could go super fast (as opposed to jet skiing at Bear Lake).

^^One afternoon we rented a Surry and rode around town. Reagan and Naomi thought it was the best thing they had ever done. Reagan manned the horn, and honked it well and Naomi took over the job of waving to every person we passed. It was the cutest.

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