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Last week we took a fun trip to Seattle and Vancouver. The girls and I flew to Seattle with my family on Sunday and Jordan met us in Vancouver on Wednesday night. We spent two days in Seattle at the beginning of our trip and then one at the end before our flight home. While we were there we visited the Seattle Center, Space Needle, International Fountain, Chihuly Gardens, Kerry Park, Pike Place Market and the Gum Wall and saw the Freemont Troll. I think this regularly rainy city was putting on a bit of a show. It was sunny and gorgeous the entire time. I was having serious city envy (and almost wishing that we had chosen to live there once upon a time).


It's also worth mentioning that while we were visiting the Space Needle Reagan had a complete meltdown and I finally connected the dots and realized that ever since she broke her arm she's terrified of heights. The Space Needle was her worst nightmare. It was very sad and totally silly. I LOVE things like this, checking out great views, and my daughter absolutely hates them.


Chihuly Garden was awesome. I have always had a thing about glass, I love watching people make glass and glass in general is pretty awesome so this was right up my alley, plus all of the colors! I absolutely loved it.


Because I love a pretty view I knew that I had to stop by Kerry Park for a quick glimpse. It was awesome just like I knew it would be and Reagan hated it just like she hated being on top of the Space Needle. She wouldn't even come near the guardrail (hence the grouchy face in the above picture).


^^First ever Starbucks. As a non-coffee drinker I'm completely fascinated about how this little thing pretty much took over the world (thinking about this when I was visiting Bethlehem).

I LOVED Pike Place Market. The gorgeous Public Market sign was even prettier than I thought it was going to be. And the flowers! Oh my gosh. The flowers were amazing. I saw some of the most beautiful bouquets I have ever seen. I wish I could have bought one and brought it home.


The Gum Wall. Nasty. After our visit we were googling the Gum Wall and found out that it was complete stripped and cleaned in November of last year. The sugar in the gum was starting to mess up the bricks. You would never be able to know that it had been cleared of gum just 8 months prior. And we also learned that the Gum Wall is on the top 5 list of Nastiest Tourist Attractions, but we probably didn't need to google that to know it.


I love Seattle. What did I miss? I'm already dying to go back! Have you been to Seattle? What were your favorites?


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