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After Seattle and Harrison Hot Springs we headed to Vancouver. We did a lot of fun things while we were there including a visit to Granville Island, biking around Stanley Park, and seeing ADELE! We weren't there for very long but we sure made the most of our time. Jordan flew into Vancouver to met us and we were happy to see him. Vancouver was a fun place. I'd love to go back and explore someday, especially go to Vancouver Island and maybe even Whistler.

^^Breakfast of vacationing champions, amIright?

^^There was a movie being filmed right down the street from our hotel. I guess it's really economical to film movies in Vancouver right now. It was funny to see Seattle Police cars and Taxis on the street in Canada. I can't remember the name of the film but when we asked one of the crew members who the main actor was she told us Elijah Wood was the star.

^^We saw some people walking down the road carrying ice cream like this and I was curious so I quickly googled it and found that the place was around the corner so we stopped in for a little treat.

^^Riding these Aquabuses was one of my favorite things.

^^The girls loved the pigeons at Granville Island. I'm so glad that birds are skiddish and that they fly away. Even though birds are disgusting, I still loved watching the girls have so much fun.

^^The boys all went salmon fishing one day. This is the nice fish Logan caught.

Our last morning in town we rented bikes and biked around Stanley Park. It was so gorgeous. We rented a bike trailer for the girls because they love riding in ours at home, but they, of course, fought for the first 20 minutes of the ride. Eventually I think they settled down. I'm not totally sure because I wasn't riding within earshot for the tail-end of the ride because Jordan was at the head of our large ground and I was at the end because I kept stopping to take pictures. That place was so dang beautiful.

^^Those gorgeous sea walls!


  1. Corina - you captured Vancouver wonderfully, both in the things that you did and the photos that you made. I have toured Stanley Park by car and trolley, but now I want to tour it by bicycle.

    I visited Cartems Donuts last year along with a great lunch place, Meat & Bread for the porchetta sandwich. I happen to be going to Vancouver next month, which means I will be seeking out that ice cream place. Thanks for the virtual suggestion. :)

    Vancouver Island is beautiful, one of my favorite places on earth. Just this year, I have visited twice. There are so many wonderful things to do and see, and of course food to eat!

    It is fun to read blogs that highlight food and travel in an approachable way. I always look forward to your posts; please keep them coming!


  2. Gorgeous! Do you follow skyschutte on insta? She is from there, her pics are always so lovely, you are a great tourist! You'll have to follow up on the ice you just squeeze your syrup out of those syringes? haha!


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