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30 Favorite Memories


Jordan turned 30 on Saturday! Part of his birthday present included this little surprise on Friday afternoon. We got 30 balloons and attached a picture (with a message on the back) to each one. The girls were pretty excited about all of the balloons and loved identifying who was in the pictures. It was really fun to think back on all of my memories with Jordan and pick my 30 favorites. Jordan loved reading and thinking about lots of memories from years past. This present was a raving success! After all of the balloons pop or the girls get tired of them (which ever comes first) I want to take all of the pictures and put them in a book.

We also had a little party on Friday night with lots of Jordan's favorite foods and ended the night in true Sorensen fashion with a movie together on the couch after the girls went to bed. Jordan is an amazing person and let's be honest, he's just getting better with age! Happy 30s Jord!

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  1. Yay looks like a great celebration! Happy birthday Jordan!


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