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First Day of Preschool


How this day arrived, I'm not sure. SHE WAS JUST BORN! I was fine all day, so excited for her and this new adventure she gets to start and then we walked her in. She was a little bit scared, but then she saw where all of the other backpacks were, dropped hers off and RAN to the tables with the other kids. At that moment Naomi and I both experienced some unexpected emotions. Naomi's manifested itself in the form of a meltdown because she didn't get to go have fun like her sister and mine wanted to manifest itself in the form of a few little tears which I totally had to force myself not to let out. Oh how I just wanted to stay and watch her! I hope she's nice and calm and that she listens to her teacher. The first of many times I'm sure I will wish I could be a fly on the wall. She's getting so big! Before I dropped her off she said, "You come pick me up mom. It's very important that you pick me up. Grown ups come back." Thank you Daniel Tiger.

So much pride right now for this sweet girl. Yesterday she was driving me nuts and today I can't believe how awesome she is. The ups and downs of this mothering thing are real! Good luck Reagan Jane! So excited for you!

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