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Fort Collins Temple Open House


Over Labor Day weekend we had the chance to go to the Fort Collins Temple Open House. Saturday afternoon we drove the 2 hours down to Fort Collins from Scottsbluff just to see the temple. I love taking Reagan to temple open houses (Provo City Center and Ogden) since she isn't old enough to go inside the temples after they are dedicated. It was a beautiful temple, as they all are. After the temple open house, at the request of Dylan, we had dinner at Cheba Hut (which was ironic to visit right after the temple but still very tasty). You're not allowed to take pictures inside the temple but if you're curious about what it looks like here are some great pictures of the interior.

^^My stinkin' popular brothers kept seeing people they know.

^^This picture really reminds me of the artistic rendering they always make of the temples before they build them for some reason.

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  1. Pretty! I love seeing the different murals in the ordinance rooms of different temples, so unique! And your brothers are looking extra old in these pictures, can't believe it!


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