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Go Cougs!


Part of Jordan's birthday celebrations included going to the BYU v. UCLA football game. The Cougs are historically not very nice to Jordan on his birthday,and we knew this was going to be a rough game. The stinkin' Cougs couldn't swing any kind of good offensive plays and that was pretty frustrating but it was still fun to be there (even if we didn't get home until 1:38am!). Love that school, love being in Provo, and I do still love those Cougars even if they have some major things to work on.

^^The moon looked so cool coming over the mountain....and then it finally made it all the way over ...

Big thanks to my parents for the tickets and especially to my mom for watching the girls for us!

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  1. Ah so fun! That biy Y flag over the bleachers is awesome! Doesn't Provo just put butterflies in your stomach? :) too bad about the disappointing football though :/


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