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Labor Day | Scottsbluff, Nebraska


We went to luxurious Scottsbluff, Nebraska for Labor Day Weekend. My Aunt recently moved there and we wanted to go visit her, see her new house as well as visit the Fort Collins Temple open house. While we were there we visited the Bluff and Museum, ate some delicious Mexican food, played some HILARIOUS games (seriously, cheeks hurting, belly laughs), and spent some quality time with family. Scottsbluff was a really cute little town. My Aunt's house is in a really cool neighborhood. All of the houses are old and perfectly charming. Besides how AWFUL the girls were on the drives it was a great little weekend.

^^I had to take a picture of this because my dad found one of those nails while we were on a Trek at Martin's Cove. He likes to tell people it's from Brigham Young's handcart. Now we know it is probably from Brigham Young's Oxshoe.

^^Isn't this the cutest house?

^^And of course we got to see Tate. He's getting so big! Him and Reagan played so well, which was awesome!

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  1. Crazy, when I think of Nebraska I think of it being so far away. I want to know what games you played! I can't believe how green it is there!


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