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We have a walker!


These are some of my favorite blogs posts to look back on....The ones that bring me right back to the moment, the happy moment I ran into the house to grab my camera for. Naomi is finally walking! I love watching a baby learn how to walk. It is thrilling and fascinating. It took her a bit longer to learn to walk than Reagan, but what mom doesn't actually love the extra months of crawling? Plus, she was an extra cute crawler. She's an extra cute little walker too though. I forgot how fun (and sometimes terrifying) it is to have a little Frankenstein walking around the house.

Naomi doesn't have the same love of backyard swimming as Reagan so while her sister swam and tried out goggles for the first time Naomi practiced her new skill.

^^These pictures KILL ME! I LOVE them! She's hilarious as she has been reminding us lately ("I'm halarious!). After swimming the girls came inside, Naomi went to bed and Reagan took a bath, which included some after bath selfies. Love both of my cute girls so much!

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  1. Yay Naomi! be prepared for lots of head bruises for the next couple months ha!


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