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Huntsman 5K + GIVEAWAY


I recently started training for my 4th half marathon. I wanted to run one this summer but it was a bit too busy and the training kept getting delayed. I'm excited to be running this next half marathon with my brother, Dylan. It will be his first, and hopefully not last. Our half marathon is in the middle of November so when I was asked to promote the Huntsman 5K, which will be on October 15th, it seemed like the perfect fit! I have already been training and it will be good practice for my race. But most of all I'm excited to be participating in a very meaningful race that's all about cancer research and finding cures.

It seems like all of us have been affected by cancer in one way or another. I know that every person has been affected differently and some have had parents, spouses, siblings, or even children die from cancer. I haven't been affected quite like that but I have had two great aunts die from cancer, one with breast cancer and the other with multiple myeloma. Both of my grandpa's had cancer, one with non-hodgkin's lymphoma and the other with prostate cancer, and I also had a great grandpa with prostate cancer.

Because we all have been affected by cancer in different ways, the Huntsman 5K allows runners and donors to designate where they would like their donations to go. For example, if a person has been affected personally by breast cancer, they can allocate their registration fees or donation to breast cancer research. I think it's so cool!

The Huntsman 5K is a family-friendly fun run, like I mentioned, on October 15 and takes place in Salt Lake City. There is also a Kids Fun K, for kids 12 and under. All are welcome and can choose to walk, jog or run.

And now a giveaway! The Huntsman Cancer Foundation is giving away a free registration to one lucky reader. I'm excited for the opportunity to participate in this race and I think you will find it rewarding and meaningful too. (Or if you're not interested in running here is my donation page if you're so inclined but don't feel pressured!) Enter the Giveaway below.

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This post is in partnership with the Huntsman Cancer Foundation but all pictures and opinions are mine alone. Like usual!


  1. You are so amazing for running half marathons with little kids! I am just getting back into running and would love to do a 5k. :)

  2. Seriously, your 4th!! So amazing! It is sad how much everyone is affected by cancer, sounds like a great race!


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