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Misc. Halloween Festivities


Even though Halloween was earlier this week I feel like since it is officially November I'm not allowed to post about Halloween anymore.... But I have a few more pictures I need to document. First up, our traditional pumpkin carving FHE. My mom and brothers came up to our house and we had chili and carved up those pumpkins. Naomi was more interested in playing with my mom and Reagan was only interested about 68% of the time but I think we can still call it a win. Reagan wanted a Minnie Mouse pumpkin with a bow and Jordan definitely delivered. Logan carved a Broncos one, Dylan did a Gnome, I did a spider, and then Jordan also did what Reagan referred to as the "Mean, old, witch's shoes."

We also had a fun trip to Gardner Village to look at the witches. Reagan wasn't too fond of them while we were there but after we left she couldn't stop talking about all of the witches we saw..."And there was one who was camping, and she had a hot dog. And there was one going potty, witchy poo...and there was some playing baseball, and one playing peek-a-boo, and one on a boat"...etc. I think I'd like to make this outing a new tradition. It was so fun!

^^The face Reagan made upon seeing any witches.

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