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Things I loved about the Gilmore Girls Revival


Oh Gilmore Girls. This has been my favorite show since forever. I used to watch it most afternoons after school on ABC Family. Long before this show was added to Netflix I got the complete series for Christmas and watched them all again, and since it has been added to Netflix I think I have watched them at least another 2 times.  I truly love this show.

After I finished the revival I had a number of thoughts that I wanted to share with my fellow Gilmore lovers.

First, let's talk about the things I loved:

-Reconnecting with old friends. The whole time I was watching I felt like I was reconnecting with old friends, and we picked back up right where we left off, which can only happen with the best kinds of friendships. I love that they were able to get SO many people back. Some people looked old (Luke and Lorelai), some people looked skinnier (Miss Patty!), some people looked THE EXACT SAME (Christopher, Taylor, Headmaster Charleston). It was just great to see so many familiar faces. (Except where was Max Medina? Personally, I would have rather seen Max than Jason Stiles)

-Parenthood Tributes. After Gilmore Girls I became a fan of all things Lauren Graham, so I couldn't help but get into Parenthood. I had heard that Amber (Mae Whitman) was going to make an appearance, but I didn't know about Adam (Peter Krause) or Mark (Jason Ritter), so I especially loved those.

-The Secret Bar. It was so perfectly Stars Hallow. That's one thing I love about this show. I love that the town itself is almost a character.

-Sutton Foster. Even though the Stars Hollow Musical dragged a bit, I loved that Sutton Foster was able to be in the revival. I was a big Bunheads fan (since Amy Sherman-Palladino is a genious) and I so wished that show could have taken off (because I needed something to fill the void in my heart that Gilmore Girls left when it ended).

-Carole King. I just love that she was on this show. It was so fitting to have her be a character. The theme song set a tone for the ENTIRE show. It was the perfect song. During the revival I really loved that part of the advisory committee meeting when she tells Taylor that she's written a few songs that he could use in the Musical if he wants. Then she starts to play "I Feel the Earth Move" and he tells her that it's just ok. Hilarious. And fun to see her play the piano.

-The Wedding. Loved. Every. Minute! My favorite episodes of Gilmore Girls all include some kind of major production. (Here is a blog post about my favorite episodes.) It was practically perfect.

-The Dean and Rory conversation.  This provided such great closure for me. I'm happy that it wasn't an awkward interaction and that he's happy and that she's happy that he's happy. And I'm glad that she said all of those nice things to him. So perfect.

-Jess. #TeamJess. I loved that he fixed Rory's problems again. He did a few dufus things during his original Gilmore Girls days, but he sure got his act together and seems so wise and put together now. So confident.

Things I didn't love:

-Michel's big news. I think they tried really hard in the original episodes to tip toe around this issue and I think it made it more fun. Was he gay or wasn't he? I think it was more fun to be left in the dark, always wondering.

-Boyfriend Paul. I think this part was just silly. It didn't add anything to the show for me. They could have cut the whole Paul role and the show would have been just fine.

-Rory being a homewrecker. AGAIN. I hated Rory and Logan's "What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas" thing. I didn't like that Rory was sleeping with Logan and that he was engaged. BUT *SPOILER* I think Logan is the father of Rory's baby so I guess he had to have prior commitments for the story-line to completely go full circle. She would have to raise that baby by herself, just like her mom raised her.

-Not enough Sookie. I REALLY wished there could have been more Sookie. And the whole story they came up with about where she was didn't sound like her to me. Embracing her inner farmer? Ok, I guess developing new produce makes sense, but the whole farmer part doesn't...Also, did she leave her family to pursue this? And lastly, I really wish she would have been standing there during the wedding instead of Michel.

-Emily moving to Nantucket, Emily being nice, Emily quitting the DAR... I just couldn't wrap my mind around any of these things. Was she just quitting life? Those were her defining characteristics. I want her to be happy, but these things also seemed out of character to me.

-Lorelai hating the Musical. Remember the corny Stars Hallow History Museum at the Twickham House? Lorelai and Sookie LOVED it. So I think Lorelai should have loved the Musical too. They were very similarly corny. Maybe Lorelai has matured?

-I also hate that Edward Herman died... So sad. But I think they paid the appropriate amount of tribute to such an important character.

What were your thought? Any similar feelings? What did you love?


  1. Amen Amen amen! The whole Logan Rory thing was riduculous - I'm converted to #teamjess ! Also, Rory's character just seemed a little off to me - she used to be so sweet and well Rory, and in these ones she was kind of rude. All in all though, it was a great reunion! Also, let us all age like Christopher!

    1. Rory did seem a little off. You're right. I started thinking about that after I read your comment. She was just a little annoying in these Year in the Life episodes.

  2. I totally agree with all of this! I always hated the way things were left with Dean (both times), so I loved their conversation. I think she is good with Logan, but NOT WHEN HE'S ENGAGED!!!! Come on, Rory! I was also converted to loving Jess. He got on my nerves before, but seems so great now. (Maybe because I LOVE Milo Ventimiglia on his new show, This is Us.) When he looked through the window at her, I died. And you're so right about Sookie, she was so important in the original and it was so not her to leave everyone to farm. AND you're right, it was just like picking up with old friends, it was wonderful. :)

    1. Oh I'm loving This is Us too! Such a good show!

  3. Agreed!! I absolutely hated the Rory and Logan thing. Logan was my favorite boyfriend of hers and now they both have a stained image. I understand the direction they wanted to take but why did ignore have to be done in a skanky way??
    The wedding was definitely my favorite part!! I have been looking forward to the Luke/lorelai wedding FIRWVER!!! SO glad it's official.
    Overall I loved it because it was Gilmore Girls, but I could've done without a few storylines. Hoping they don't stop there!!

    1. Wouldn't it be great if they made a few more episodes like 5 more years down the road? That would be awesome!

  4. I feel like the Emily stuff was very fitting. She said multiple times in the originals that Richard's life was her life, and she mentioned it in the revival. After he was gone, she had to find a new life, new things to love and be devoted to. And she wasn't exactly nice to Lorelai, she was still kind of a witch to her and to other people but was nice to the new people in her life. I think considering her massive life change when Richard died all of those things were just her new "emily" things. I don't know, it was hard to accept at first but considering what she'd lost it still made sense to me. But agreed about all the other stuff, boyfriend Paul was DUMB, and Sookie really should have been there more, I kept waiting for her to come back and was so sad she was only there for a couple of scenes.

    1. I guess that makes sense, but thinking about myself, I hope my life wouldn't look COMPLETELY different after I lost my husband. I would hope that the life I'm living now with him would include the things I enjoy, not only the things he wanted....

  5. I agree with just about everything you said except for Emily quitting the DAR I loved that whole scene! BULL $H!T!


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