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Christmas 2016


A million Christmas pictures comin' at ya! We spent Christmas Eve with Jordan's parents this year. We went to see the movie Storks, and then came back to their house and had lasagna and played games. Afterward we headed down to my parents' house and spent the night and went to church with them in the morning. My mom sang in the ward choir and she also sang a duet with my grandma. They did great!

I never got around to posting pictures of the Christmas decorations around the house, so I wanted to start with some of those. We decided to put the Christmas tree in a different spot this year, and I kind of liked it. (Sidenote: Our whole living room is actually in a totally different configuration this year. We love having the couch in this spot way better than against the railing. We can actually see the TV in front of us instead of at an angle, we get to sit and look out our windows at the amazing view and I love that the couch isn't blocking all of the light in the entryway, so it's not a cave down there.)

Love looking at our friends and family's beautiful faces on our Christmas Cards all day, our tree ended up a bit crooked this year and we can't get it straight. I finally caved and made us all some matching stockings and I love how they turned out. And of course my Letterfolk board with Luke 2:11, and our little advent house.

Like I mentioned above we spent Christmas Day at my parents' house. Santa didn't come until after church which was really convenient, since one of the main presents of Christmas this year was a very loud Minnie Mouse play camera, which couldn't have accompanied us to church and which would have created a catastrophe to leave behind.

The girls had the cutest, cutest, cutest Christmas dresses and outfits, but like years past I wasn't able to get a good picture of them. (HOW DO PEOPLE DO THAT?) Just note the Peter Pan collar on Naomi's little white shirt and her amazing tights, and super cute boots. And Reagan's adorable dress which came with a little silver glittery belt, which she informed us was "JUST LIKE SANTAS!" She also got new tights and boots.  I told Jordan, "Maybe someday I'll be able to get a cute picture of my kids in their Christmas dresses. Maybe in like 5 years" (but I'm not keeping my hopes up).

Christmas was overwhelming this year and we were so lucky and blessed. The girls got lots of great, fun new toys, books, and movies. Jordan got a new garmin watch, and I got a a lens mug with a "new lens fund" inside.

Jordan and I thought it would be fun to make a Christmas cheese plate so after we were done opening presents and after we had had a delicious breakfast (breakfast casserole, almond croissants, and raspberry rolls) and started playing games we whipped this up and it was tasty.

At about 7 we had a delicious turkey dinner and then headed back up to Jordan's parents' house for Christmas #2. Unfortunately Reagan and Naomi have both been a little sick this year. Well Reagan is sick and we think Naomi is just teething, but the effect is the same. Naomi has been resisting naps with all her might and Reagan on the other hand who NEVER naps has been taking HUGE afternoon naps because she is completely drained of energy. I'm so sad about our sick girls. So Reagan wasn't the most fun at Dave and Martha's last night but there wasn't much we could do about that except try to help Reagan feel comfortable.

I'm sure that one of the contributing factors behind their sicknesses has been our crazy schedule the last few weeks. We haven't been home for dedicated naptimes or bedtimes and I'm sure last nights craziness didn't help. After playing some really fun games of Tenzi and Oregon Trail we headed home at about 11. When we drove up to our house at midnight we realized there was about 10 inches of snow on our driveway and a WALL of snow in front of that from the snow plow. After about 30 minutes of shoveling, with the van parked in the road with the girls sleeping inside, we finally pulled into the garage and brought them up to bed.

^^The snow always looks so beautiful untouched like that in the mornings.

I have been trying my best to do the #LighttheWorld challenges this year. I wasn't completely successful but I was able to serve in some unexpected ways and open my eyes to the needs of others this Christmas Season. I have been trying to listen to the words of Christmas songs and study the Nativity story a little bit closer. I had one moment of reflection about the Wise Men coming to worship their king. The Wise Men were kings themselves, thus making Jesus Christ truly the King of Kings, even as a toddler. I love the simplicity and magnificence of the story of his birth. I really love pondering about Mary and wish I could know more of her testimony and experiences as the mother of our Savior. This December has been fast and crazy and this Christmas has been magical and wonderful.


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