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FHE Bowling


We were recently watching the movie Lars and the Real Girl, and Reagan caught the end with us where they go bowling. We decided it was high time we take that girl bowling. It was sure an adventure! Both girls LOVED it. We had to keep a hand on each girl the entire time we were there because they kept RUNNING in all different directions, like across the line of bowling ball fire, but they were so excited to be there and doing this new activity. Reagan wanted to get a different ball every frame, and didn't care at all how many pins she knocked down. Naomi was just as enthusiastic as her big sister and we finished the night off with some frosty's at Wendy's. It was a great little outing! Also these two memorable Reagan quotes need to be included in this blog post: "You gotta throw the ball at those white bowling things" and as we were leaving, "I did a lot of bowlings!"

^^Love the twirly dress and true happiness on her face.

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