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Ogden Christmas Village


We ventured out to the Ogden Christmas Village as few weeks ago. It was a FREEZING night, so we made sure to really bundle up. We were very happy and warm while we were there, but were so surprised at the number of people wearing short sleeved shirts or shorts. There was one family there that was prepared for the cold though, in their stroller they had not a baby, but a large cooler of hot chocolate which they would dispense for each family member on request.

Reagan liked looking in all of the windows but the highlight for her was definitely the little train ride. She was in heaven. Naomi happily stayed in the stroller all night, very bundled up. In fact when I got her out at the end of our adventure to put her in her carseat, I took off her coat and a wave of heat radiated off her body. She was one toasty child.

Some of the little "houses" seemed like perhaps they need a little updating but they were still cute. I love all of the special Christmas outing we have been able to do this year, and am happy that we can check the Ogden Christmas Village off our bucket list.

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  1. I've actually really been wanting to go here! It looks so cute, there aren't too many "christmas villages" around!


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