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Oh Christmas Tree!


The Sunday after Thanksgiving we set up our Christmas Tree. Every year I hope that we can get a real tree but then the fake one always just seems easier/more convenient/free-er. So the fake one won out yet again. Maybe someday... Even though it doesn't smell divine I still love our little tiny tree and I'm definitely not as worried about a fire hazard. We are sparsely decorated this year, due to many toddlers in our house, but it's still cute none the less. My favorite ornament this year is from our travels this summer. We bought little keychains from the cities we visited in Europe and turned them into an ornament. Reagan's favorite this year is her Gus Gus Key from Cinderella, which was a gift from Grandma Martha and Papa Dave last Christmas.

All of our trees in years past have looked very similar (because we've used the exact same tree) but it's still fun to look back on all of our previous trees: 2010 (our very first Christmas together in our TINY little studio), 2011, (we didn't set up a tree in 2012 because we lived with Jordan's parents),2013 (Reagan's first Christmas, which we actually spent in Colorado), 2014, and last year,  2015.

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  1. Oooh I love the ornament you made from your trip! I love to collect ornaments from wherever we go. :)


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