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New Beginnings | We DONUT doubt our mothers knew it


It's that time of year again! New Beginnings! We had our ward's New Beginnings this last Wednesday. It involved some wonderful messages and a donut pegboard so.... I think you can infer from those two facts alone, that it was a success. Ever since I saw the tutorial for making a donut pegboard I had been waiting for the right excuse to make one and this seemed like the perfect opportunity.

We found the perfect "do not"/donut scripture to use as our theme. We focused on Alma 56:47-48, about the stripling warriors and how their testimonies were strengthened by the faith and testimonies of their mothers. We jumped on the opportunity with this one to ask all of the mothers of our cute young women to bear their testimonies, or to share what they knew to be true. Since it was New Beginnings we also had the mothers of our new Beehives get up and talk to us about their daughters. We gave them a prompt with a few questions to help focus their attention (which can be found in the downloads folder below).

We had donut invitations, donut refreshments, and we donut doubt that all in attendance had a wonderful time! Please read on for a few more details and don't miss the free printables below!

^^Our invitations were round with a donut on the front and all of the information on the back.

We kept the decorations and refreshments super simple. Donuts with water and milk. We didn't even use plates, just napkins, and cups of course. We ordered 4 dozen donuts from our local grocery store. The pink wasn't exactly the right color pink but what can you do when you pick them up at 4:00 and the event starts at 7:00?

Here is the tutorial I followed for the donut pegboard. It was very easy. I knew that we wouldn't need 100 donuts like they did in the tutorial though so instead of a 4'x4' pegboard I bought one of the precut ones at Home Depot for $7.99, which was 2'x4' I think. Also, instead of painting it with a paintbrush I spray painted it.

^^Here is a quick glance at our program in case you were interested in what the evening looked like.

For everything I used the fonts Josefin Sans and Before Breakfast.

Click here to access all of the files I have available. In that folder can be found the spotlight we gave to the new Beehive's parents, a file to make a donut garland, and our big poster with the scripture (one in black and white and one in color). I printed our big poster at Staples as a 30"x42" Engineering Print (they will print it in color if you ask nicely and tell them that there is 15% or less in color).



We spent the weekend at The Happiest Place on Earth! I have been wanting to take Reagan to Disneyland for a little while and my mom happened to have a business trip to LA which she was able to extend for the weekend. We flew out on Friday afternoon and played all weekend long. I hadn't been to Disneyland since I was 4 and Jordan had never been, and neither had our girls.

I have to document what happened to us on the way out of town. We planned on flying into Burbank because it would save us some money on flights. Dylan and Logan were also joining us on this little getaway but were flying into LAX. Our flights were 45 minutes apart so my mom was planning on picking us up at the Burbank airport and then driving straight to LAX to pick up the boys. On Friday afternoon when we got to the airport we parked our car in the long term parking and then got on the shuttle bus to head to the terminal. Once inside the terminal we realized that we had forgotten the carseats in the car. So Jordan and Logan rushed back to the car to get them. We knew we were pushing it for our departure time so they were running. Dylan helped me get the girls through security and then we headed to our gate only to find out that the plane was too heavy so as a result they said they wouldn't be putting any checked bags on the flight. Seeing as I had just checked a bag I didn't love this idea and I also needed to get our seat assignments so I headed to the ticket counter. When I got there the lady in front of me in line was getting switched to my brothers' flight to LAX and she was getting a Delta voucher for the hassle. Once it was my turn I told her that we had 3 tickets and would love to be put on the LAX flight with my brothers. She was happy to bump us and gave us $400 EACH in Delta vouchers. And somehow we ended up getting assigned to the same row as Dylan and Logan. So not only was it a better flight to be on, slightly later so Jordan would actually make the flight with the carseats, we had two more people to help with the girls, my mom would only have to go to one airport to pick everyone up instead of two but we got paid to do it! AWESOME! They were worried that the checked bag wouldn't be rerouted in time but it was there at LAX when we went to pick it up. Just perfect.

Anyway....The weekend was great. We stayed at the Courtyard Marriott across the street from the park. It was a great hotel, close enough for us to walk to the parks and so accommodating for families. It had been raining all week so my mom told us to pack lots of rain gear. Luckily, the rain held off on Saturday and we were dry all day. (Sunday was a different story!) We figured out the fastpass/rider swap tickets and enjoyed lots of fun rides. Reagan got to meet TONS of characters, and even though she was VERY shy around them she enjoyed it.

My favorite rides of the day were Indiana Jones and Space Mountain and because of the fast passes and rider swaps a few of us were able to do those ones twice. We left the park for dinner but took Reagan back for the Electric Light Parade at 8:30 and then spent some more quality time with her afterward (with Naomi back at the hotel asleep thanks to my mom and brothers). The parade was so cute but also so crazy because it was it's first night back at Disneyland in 20 years so there were hoards of people (and it should also be documented that we witnessed a fight for seats before it started).

Sunday it POURED and POURED but we decided to brave California Adventure anyway. I didn't bring my big camera that day because of the rain so I don't have any pictures, but Anna and Elsa were a hit and so was the line-free Ariel ride (which we did 3 times) and the Toy Story ride which we did twice. I also loved the Broccoli and Cheese soup in a bread bowl for lunch from the Pacific Pier Cafe. Soarin' was also really fun and just being in the park with basically no one else was pretty neat. The ferris wheel was our one bad choice of the day. Although it was pretty fun it completely soaked us. Afterword we were all soaked to the bone and ended up leaving the park a little early just to change out of our dripping clothes.

Because of the weather our flight kept getting delayed and ultimately ended up getting pushed back 5 hours. So instead of getting home at midnight we didn't get home until 5am. This morning we slept from 5am until 11 and now we're all feeling a bit jetlagged and we didn't even leave the country.

It was a wonderful trip and I'm already itching to go back! Enjoy the picture overload below:

We splurged and took Reagan to the Minnie & Friends Character Breakfast. She was excited to see the characters...from afar. Once they came near she was a bit freaked out even though we kept telling her they were all very nice. (I think the problem might have been Captain Hook. She was horrified of him.) The food was good and it was fun to start the day off with a bang.

^^Mickey waffles for Reagan.

^^See what I mean? HORRIFIED!

It was such a fun and stress-free way see the characters and get lots of autographs in her book. I loved just having Reagan there so we could really focus on her. We figured since it was expensive Naomi didn't need to join us. She wouldn't have remembered it or particularly liked it anyway.

^^The pure JOY in these smiles! I love it!

^^And I'll end it with the happiest nap on Earth. We had planned on going back to the hotel around 2 or 3 to rest but since Naomi fell asleep in the stroller we didn't end up leaving until dinner. Naomi was a trooper and had a great little time with some extra attention from Grandma and uncles. And it should be noted that she was also terrified of the characters.

Like I mentioned above I'm scheming about how to get back to Disneyland in the near future. Before this trip I didn't understand why people who lived in Utah would buy season passes to Disneyland 500 miles away but I totally do now. This place rocks. I mentioned this on Instagram but I am completely fascinated by the empire that Disney has built. Everything they do is amazing and magical.

Now that I'm sold, do you have any Disney tips to share? I'd love to hear them! 
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