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Forgotten Photos and Thoughts


Today I discovered a number of pictures on my phone that I had forgotten about from the last few weeks. I just have to post these little moments so I don't forget about them. I need to start posting my random phone pictures more often because they are so perfectly "day to day" and I just know I will love to remember these for years to come.

^^Both of my girls have always been obsessed with brushing their teeth. Right now, for Naomi it's more about drinking sink water out of her toothbrush. I also love this picture because I finally captured her scrunchy nose smile. It only comes out when she's REALLY happy and I think it's the cutest.

^^A few weeks ago, for our family Christmas party, I curled Reagan's hair. Naomi was napping and it was such sweet bonding time with my little girl. I had a moment when I first started where I thought, "THIS! This is what I have been waiting for since that moment January 17, 2013 when I first found out that I was having a daughter. This is the best thing EVER!" It was just so precious and her hair is so pretty. We talked about how we should maybe curl it for church sometime.

^^Sending out Christmas cards. There's something SO satisfying about sending out mail in bulk. A huge ol' stack of letters all addressed and stamped and matching. Every time I do it it's exciting (Christmas Cards, Birth Announcements...etc.)

I was vacuuming Naomi's room a few weeks ago and she insisted on driving the vacuum. She could barely support it let alone move it, but looked pretty cute earning her keep.

^^I want to post more about this a little later, but we made a new top for our table. Well we actually took the boards from our old table top and used them to make a new one. The top used to be slats and now it is a smooth surface and I love it. We also built a kitchen island which I totally love and will post more about later.

^^This is a weird picture but the other day while driving on the highway, I passed this truck with the HUGEST tractor bucket ever. I think my whole van plus a few other cars could have fit inside a scoop. I really want to see the tractor that it goes on. I'm sure it's probably at Kennecott.

And of course little Nomes looking so cute walking down the stairs. With no help from me.

^^I had to include a picture of this because I love how it turned out. For Christmas we gave one of Jordan's brothers a Provo Taste Tour. It had gift cards to Sodalicious, Waffle Love, Slab Pizza, J Dawgs, and Mountain West Burrito inside. I designed this sweet logo and printed it on an envelope. It looked so legit!

^^STRANGEST thing ever on a blog, right? Hahaha! But we all went to the dentist in December for our 6 month cleaning and check up and they took some x-rays and my teeth implants looked crazy! You can also see that I have a slightly deviated septum.

To go along with this strange photo it is worth documenting that Reagan had her first official teeth cleaning and she was such a champ! She did amazing. She let them do everything they needed to do. Right at the beginning when they lowered the seat down she sat straight back up really fast and said so sweetly, "Mom, will you hold my hand?" and then grabbed my hand and laid back down. She is so awesome.

^^Lastly I have to include this photo from New Years Eve. Jordan and I went to the Jazz game that night but it was an early game and over while the night was still young. We made it home at about 9:45, just in time to watch the ball drop. Right when we turned it on Reagan said, "This is a great show." We grabbed some pots and wooden spoons and rang in the new year EST and then the girls headed to bed and Jordan and I folded laundry and watched True Memoirs of an International Assassin, which was pretty ok.

A few other things:

-Tomorrow night we're going to our second Monster Jam! We went last year and it was so crazy and fun we decided to go again this year. They're having 3 shows in Salt Lake this weekend, one tomorrow night and two on Saturday. On Saturday they're also having a cool Pit Party Pre-show that sounds awesome. You can go see the trucks up close and meet the drivers.

-I watched this video for the first time today and I think it is hilarious."Ok, so at the same restaurant you can get super, delish', nutrish', substance' chicken soup that's sups' soupy."

-And because I just thought of it, this video is along the same lines as the one above and is also hilarious. And while you're watching that one, a bunch of his videos are hilarious, like this one.

-This is fun. I want to be this cleaver. And this is a cool Instagram account I just started following.

And that's a wrap on this random post! P.S. Do you have any particularly hilarious YouTube Videos you'd like to share? 


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