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Monster Jam


Last Friday we loaded up the ol' minivan full of brothers and headed to MONSTER JAM! I'm not totally sure I can classify myself as a Monster Jam fan but it sure is fun to see those trucks literally FLYING through the air. We wised up this year and brought lots of earplugs (Last year we thought only Reagan would need them so we didn't bring any for ourselves. WE WERE SOOO WRONG!). I felt like it was shorter this year but I think that's because we didn't bring Reagan so we didn't have to worry about her becoming disinterested and getting stir crazy in her little chair.

The freestyle event is my favorite but a close second is the wheelie contest. It's pretty surreal watching these HUGE trucks do all of their tricks. My brother kept comparing the monster trucks to his Toyota Corolla ("I bet that truck has the power of 24 Toyota Corollas.) and at one point I was even looking up the prices to purchase a monster truck (they're WAY expensive if you were wondering). It was a fun night!

^^Can you see all of the scrapes and cracks in the top of this truck? These things sure take a beating!

^^One of our favorite parts of the evening was when Zombie's arm fell off and a guy had to run out to grab it. Can you imagine running while carrying an arm that just fell off a Monster Truck?

^^The donut contest is also pretty fun to watch.

^^I love comparing the cars' before and after pictures. They get so crushed.

I got free tickets to this event in exchange for promotion, but of course all photos and opinions are mine.


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