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Cirque du Soleil OVO


Wednesday night we got to go to the Cirque du Soleil OVO show at the Mavrick Center. When I attend events like this I'm always amazed at what the human body can do. We saw some really amazing talent. OVO will be here in Utah until the 26th, and it is seriously something you don't want to miss! To save on tickets you could always try one of these Family Four Packs. You wont regret it!

^^Above was one of my favorite parts of the show. This spider contortionist was RIDICULOUS! She was honestly moving her body in ways that did not even seem possible.

^This thing was mesmerizing. I still can't quite figure out how it worked.

^^These "butterflies" were really cool. There were a few moments where she would be hanging by her neck on his feet. I can't even explain it, it was so interesting and I'm sure took a crazy amount of strength.

^^This was a very cool type of trapeze act. They didn't have swings or ropes, they just swung on each others' arms. I was on the edge of my seat the whole time to make sure they didn't miss a catch.

^^I was so intrigued by this slack-wire performance. He rode a unicycle upside down on his head while balancing on that wire!

^^When we asked Reagan what her favorite part was she said it was the jumping crickets. They were pretty amazing. I always love the trampoline performers.

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