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Field Trip


Naomi and I joined Reagan and her preschool class on their first field trip a few weeks ago. They went to the Fire Station and the Supermarket (aka Neighborhood Walmart).  It was so cute to see these precious little kids learning and experiencing a new place. The fire station was pretty exciting because while we were there they got two calls. First, the big engine got called out and then the ambulance got called out. The weather and roads were awful the day we went so they were responding to a lot of accidents.  Next time I don't think I'll bring Naomi. She was being a little crazy and wanted to wander and RUN around.

We got to peek at the gym and living room areas of the fire station as well as their big kitchen. We also learned about their alarm lights and saw their neat electronic GPS map computer. The locations of all of the fire trucks and ambulances were marked on the map so they could tell who was closest to the incident.

^^They started to show us how the get all of their gear on, but then they had to leave so we had to stand to the side and get out of the way.

At the Supermarket we got to try lots of samples and tour the big fridges and freezers. They had 2 different freezers, one that was about 20 degrees and another one inside of that one, that was about 0 degrees. It was neat to go back behind the scene and see how things work!


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