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Missionary Week


A million years ago, LAST March, we had a missionary week for the youth in our ward (as you can see this post got WAY lost in my drafts for a while...).

We gave them "mission calls," missionary badges, missionary handbooks, and a ward specific Missionary Week booklet with our schedule as well as "rules" (i.e. suggestions and tips). We tried to make it as legitimate as possible so the youth would take it as serious as possible. I tried to make the mission calls look as much like real mission calls as I could (they were each signed by the bishop and each had their name and address on them). They were stuffed in huge envelopes and we had one big mission call opening activity, which was super fun.

The kids were split into 3 "districts" based on their call location; District of South America, District of United States, or District of Europe. The three groups each rotated through 3 "MTC" classes and learned a bit about teaching lessons and testifying.

We started this activity on a Wednesday at mutual and ended the following Wednesday. We had a service project the Friday in between, and before our closing fireside the youth went to different homes of families in our ward for dinner and to teach a lesson.

Click here, to access these free printable graphics (or if you solely want to see how ours looked so you can make your own go right ahead).

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  1. How fun!! We did this for youth conference one year growing up, but staying at people's houses in the stake. Was this over spring break or was it something that they tried to do while at school, etc?


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