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OVO Cirque du Soleil GIVEAWAY


A few weeks ago Reagan and I attended a blogger event at the Leonardo to learn more about the upcoming OVO Cirque du Soleil show coming to Utah. We did a fun craft, learned about bugs and even got to hold a few. It was a fun afternoon outing with Reagan (that is until they LOST one of the tarantulas.... THANKFULLY they found it after a few minutes. HA! So scary).

Read on to see some more pictures of our afternoon and for more details about the giveaway at the bottom.

^^Madagascar hissing cockroaches

^^This guy was ENORMOUS and terrifying, and I think this will be the only picture I will EVER post on my blog of a tarantula.

^^I was SO proud of her for holding this little blue tomato hornworm. She is NOT my animal loving child.

^^We loved learning from Kim's Cold-Blooded Creatures.

I have a 4 pack of tickets to giveaway for the opening night of the OVO Cirque du Soleil show coming to Utah on Wednesday, February 22nd at 7:30pm. The show is at the Maverick Center in West Valley. We absolutely LOVED the Cirque du Soleil show we saw in Las Vegas a few years ago, so I'm very excited to see this one in a few weeks. I know it'll be awesome!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

And if you just can't wait, they have a few deals going on right now, especially with Valentine's Day coming up. The first deal they have is buy 2 tickets, get $25 off, and the second deal is a family 4 pack.


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