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Colorful Notting Hill


Since we were staying in Notting Hill, and because we didn't have time to do this last time we were in London we made it a priority on this trip. I had found this Colorful Walking Tour of Notting Hill on one of the blogs I found while preparing for our stop in Italy last summer (her blog is a treasure trove of information about Italy, but has lots of great tips for travel else where as well). I love colorful things (example #1, example #2), and buildings are no exception. We went to the Portobello Road Market on our last visit and I LOVED it, and since this little tour took us back there it was perfect. I wanted to revisit that crazy fun street.

Last time we were there we weren't totally on a time crunch, but we had to be really conscientious of the time because we were headed out of town straight from the market. It was nice to go back with no real time constraints and to wander until it got dark and we got hungry. This little neighborhood is so charming, and I'm just sayin'...I wouldn't mind living in that cute little house pictured above with that lovely pink door (or even that lovely blue number below with the pink door...).

^^The coolest store on Portobello Road. I was a bit sad that it was closed, but they're closed on Sundays...

^^We kept our eyes peeled for Hugh Grant and Julia Roberts but alas, we never saw them.


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