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Disney On Ice | Worlds Of Enchantment


On Thursday night we got to go to Disney On Ice: Worlds of Enchantment. We were looking forward to it for days! Reagan is starting to learn her days of the week and this was great practice because she asked approximately 12 times a day, everyday this week, if it was Disney On Ice day. "Not today. Today is Monday. Thursday is Disney On Ice" (on repeat all week). It was such a fun show, and seemed to have a bit of a different feel than the other ones we've been to. We loved the addition of Toy Story 3, especially the marching/skating army men, and of course all of our favorite preschool toys. The music for this part of the show was awesome. They kept playing, "The Toys Are Back in Town..." to the tune of "The Boys Are Back in Town," and they also played lots of 70s and disco music. Totally my jam!

We also loved The Little Mermaid and Cars. It was so fun to see all of those cars driving around on the ice. But of course the main event for our little girls was Frozen, like always. Jordan kept leaning over to Reagan, to ask her if she was enjoying the show and at one point she replied, "I'm just waiting for Elsa." I sure love taking my girls to these fun shows and watching their faces light up when they get excited or see their favorite characters.

^^Reagan insisted on wearing her Minnie sweatshirt and her Frozen skirt.

There are still quite a few opportunities to catch this show before it leaves Utah. There are 3 shows today, and 2 shows tomorrow. I highly recommend it! Your littles will love it!

This post was created in partnership with Feld Entertainment. All photos and opinions are mine alone. #WorldsOfEnchantment


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