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Bryce Canyon National Park


We realized earlier this week that Jordan always has work off for Good Friday. Usually we remember this well in advance and have great plans lined up, this week however, we had no plans and didn't want to let this opportunity slip by so we planned a last minute trip to Bryce Canyon. We have National Park Passports and are pretty obsessed with getting stamps so it's pretty ridiculous that we don't even have stamps for the 5 gorgeous National Parks in our own state. We decided to make it an unofficial goal (may or may not happen) to visit all of them before the Summer is over.

We drove down to Cedar City Thursday night and stayed at the Holiday Inn Express. We enjoyed some late night swimming in the hotel pool and then went to bed. In the morning we had some continental breakfast and then hit the road. We got to Bryce at about 10:30 and headed straight to Sunrise Point to start the Queens Garden and Navajo Loop Hike. Reagan was pretty disappointed to find out that the National Park, did not actually have a park, according to her definition of the word. The whole first hour of the hike she kept asking where the park was and we kept telling her, "This is the park. This is the National Park. Everything you see is the park." She did not get it and when she finally grasped the idea she did not like it one bit.

Naomi did the hike on Jordan's back and never once complained. She was a champ and even took a little snooze towards the end. Reagan did the whole hike on her own two feet and complained quite a bit but we were so proud of her for being so tough (we need to take the girl hiking more often). It ended up being like 3.7 miles (according to Jordan's Garmin watch).

We loved looking at all of the windows and hoodoos and especially loved hearing the girls say hoodoo, doodoo, bloodoo smoodoo, deedadoo...etc. Such a fun name for a rock formation and for 1 and 3 year olds to say.

After our hike we had lunch at the Bryce Canyon Lodge and then checked out some of the view points. Inspiration Point was truly inspirational and Bryce Point was also quite nice. And then after just 30 hours we were headed back home. It was a great little getaway!

^^Thor's Hammer!

^^We loved these little tunnels. When we walked through them, Naomi would scream "Woohoo!"

^^Can you see those tiny people on the right? Jordan and Reagan look SO small compared to those huge walls.

^^This part at the end of our hike just about killed us all. SO many switchbacks! And Reagan was soo over it by this point.

As far as the National Parks in Utah go we've also visited Arches (twice), Canyonlands (twice), and Zion National Park. We're so lucky to live by such beautiful places!


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