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We had a great Easter weekend full of egg hunts, Easter baskets, and ham. On Saturday we went to a great Easter egg hunt put on by some of our friends. The girls had the best time because they both understood what they were doing this year (pick up egg+put in basket=candy!). In years past this hasn't been the case.

The girls have been all about accessorizing these days. Please notice all of the necklaces, rings, bracelets in these pictures. That is all their doing. They are both girlie girls through and through.

^^Love Logan's face in the background!

We had a little egg hunt Sunday morning at home and gave the girls their Easter baskets. The girls were pretty thrilled about their new flip flops (Minnie for Naomi and Frozen for Reagan), and Reagan was also very excited about her new hat.

I had to snap a few photos of the girls in their new dresses before we headed to Stake Conference, which is like the most torturous meeting of all of church when you have little kids, amiright? 2 hours sitting in the same chair?! We survived though and of course I'm glad we went.


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