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Wow! This poor blog has been put on the back burner for the past few weeks due to the sale of our house and moving. This last month was a CRAZY whirlwind of strange things; some great misfortunes but also some tender mercies. And now that the sale of our house is complete, as of yesterday, I'm hoping that life will calm down and ease up.

We took a fast trip to Colorado two weekends ago for my friend Kara's wedding. I hadn't been to Colorado for a while, especially since my family moved away last March. I love any excuse to go to Colorado and this was an especially good one. We stayed with my Aunt Shari and got to spend some time with my Grandma Carol while we were in town. Annett, Addie, and Tate also came down from Nebraska and we got to see them for a little bit too. I love spending time with my family! We stayed up way to late both nights we were there chatting and telling funny stories.

Before I get into how amazing the wedding was I have to mention one of the misfortunes of the last few weeks. While we were driving to Denver our car broke down just outside of Glenwood Springs. First, a bunch of warning lights started going off: antilock brakes, airbag system, etc. Then we lost all of the dashboard (speedometer and rpm), as well as the radio, lights, and TV. With the loss of this power we also lost the ability to accelerate. We were going about 65, (we think, I mean we didn't exactly have a speedometer, but that's how fast we were going when we lost the power) and we were able to coast off the highway and over to a side road without any incidents. That was the first tender mercy. Lots more followed. We called a tow truck and they were able to pick us up within 30 minutes. There was a Honda dealership in Glenwood Springs that was able to look at our van right when we got there. The dealership also had a playroom and were the absolute best to us. All of the rental car companies were out of cars that day (BIG BUMMER) but thankfully the neighboring Chevy dealership loaned us one of their courtesy vehicles because we were in a bit of a time crunch to make it before the sealing the next morning. Honda was able to deduce that the alternator had gone out, and found a replacement at another mechanic in town and got it fixed within 24 hours.

I've been back to the Denver Temple since we were married there, but Jordan hadn't, so it was especially fun to be back there together for a wedding. I was thinking all day about our perfect day almost 7 (SEVEN!) years ago. Kara was sealed in the same sealing room we were, so that was neat too. Her reception that night was perfection as well. It was a no kids party, so I was a little weary about figuring out what to do with the girls but my Aunt Shari watched them for me and they had a great time. Kara looked beautiful and so in love. It was fun to catch up with some BYU friends as well as high school friends and enjoy the yummy food and toasts and games. Todd seems so perfect for Kara and I wish them all the best there is to offer!


We have also had a few misfortunes while we were trying to get our house ready to sell. The Buyers requested a few minimal repairs, two of which involved being in the attic. During one of the repairs Jordan stepped wrong and fell through the ceiling in the hall bathroom. IT WAS A NIGHTMARE. My dad came to the rescue and patched up the hole but it took about 2-3 weeks to fully finish. All the while we've been trying to fix up our new house (which will get it's own blog post or you can check out some updates on instagram @summerprojecthouse). During all of that, it also caused a huge crack in Naomi's ceiling, which had to be fixed and then the whole ceiling repainted. Nightmare. But there were a few silver linings. Jordan wasn't badly hurt when he fell through the ceiling, he didn't mess up any electrical wires in the fall, my dad did drywall work for a living, the appraisal had already been done...etc. It was one of those things that just would have been so nice to not deal with. We lovingly refer to the below photo as "the Jordan-sized-hole in our ceiling."

At last it was moving day. We were left wondering if the sale was going to go through for a few weeks due to a low appraisal but we finally received word that the appraisal had been reevaluated and it was all going to work out. We requested a few more days before closing to give us a weekend to move, which was pretty important. I took so many loads to the new house with my van the days and weeks leading up to the big day to try to make it so that the only thing going in the truck was furniture. We were able to get just about everything in one load with the big truck. And it made loading and unloading so much faster and easier. We were able to load the whole truck in about 45 minutes.

I know people buy and sell houses everyday but that doesn't make this sale any less emotional for me. This was such a good first house for us and I really love all of the friends we made in Layton. I love all of the improvements we made on the house and was sad to leave right when we got everything how to like it. But such is life. I still feel so emotionally attached to the house. I'll be fine until I start thinking about other people living in OUR house and then I get real sad.  We were a little house poor for the past 3 years and since the market was up it ended up being a great time for us to sell. Another added bonus is that our new house is about 30 minutes farther south and closer to our parents' houses which has been SO nice. Here's to a new chapter of our life and new adventures!


  1. Thank you SO SO MUCH FOR COMING!!! I'm so glad you could make it!

  2. Wow I totally never saw this blogpost - crazy! I didn't know about Jordan falling throught the roof. That is so funny because soon before we were selling our house, the kids flooded the bathroom upstairs which led to this giant bubbling patch that destroyed the ceiling in our downstairs living room and it was also one of those things that just would have been really nice to not have to deal with/repair because otherwise we wouldn't have had to do much (yours is a MUCH more severe scenario - I'm so sorry!).


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