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Summer Project House | Bathroom Edition


After selling and moving out of our house this is where we landed. This tiny house used to belong to my late great great uncle Dale, who passed away in January. (And actually belonged to my great great grandparents before it was his. They purchased it in 1950!) My Uncle Dale was never married and didn't have any children, so he left this house to his nieces and nephews when he died, one of which is my grandma. The nieces and nephews are looking to sell it and generously offered to let us stay here and fix it up over the summer. They also gave us some money to fix it up. (We are only going to be here until September because we have some pretty big plans that will be set into motion later this year that I can't write about quite yet but rest assured you'll know about it sooner or later) This is the perfect little place for us for the next 5 months and we love a good house project (especially when it's over!). The first thing we wanted to tackle was the bathroom. Here is a before picture of the bathroom in all it's glory:

The tub was disgusting and there was a crack in the linoleum flooring, so I really wanted to fix those problems. But the biggest issue (to me, as a women) was that there wasn't a single shelf or cabinet in the entire bathroom.  And since we were downgrading from three bathrooms to one, I was thinking that we would be needing some storage solutions. There were also lots of glaring cosmetic issues I was dying to fix too.

We decided on the direction we wanted to go, bought the tile, paint, and vanity (that couldn't really be any bigger than 19" wide... aka TINY!) and got to work with the demo. The bath tub was original with the house and was made of cast iron and about 300 pounds. Jordan had to pound it out with a sledgehammer to break it into two pieces just to get it out of the bathroom. We took out about 3 layers of subfloor, and also had a crazy hard time removing the big piece of plywood that was attached to the back wall. Once we were all demo-ed, it was time to start the actual work.

It was also about this time that Jordan fell through the ceiling at our old house, and our car broke down, all the while Reagan and Naomi had pink eye, and all of us had a nasty cold (oh and we only had about 10 days until we needed to be packed up and moved out/in). Needless to say it was about the craziest time of our lives to date. My dad swooped in and helped us A BUNCH on this bathroom. First, with the drywall. He replaced all of the drywall for us and helped us a ton with the tile. Jordan also had to take off a few days of work to get this all done in time. My in-laws graciously babysat the girls so we could stay up late into the night getting work done.

We had a heck-of-a-time getting that new bathtub in. If you've ever replaced a bathtub before then you know how stupid it is. You have to put it in place and then take it out and add stringers (some support beams) and then put it back in again. The first time we put it in it took us about an hour but thankfully the other times (yes, we ended up doing it 3 times...) it only took us about 5 minutes each. The plumbing was also a bit of a nightmare but I'm pretty convinced that all plumbing issues are.

Once the bathtub and drywall were in it was FINALLY time to start the tile. Once we got going on the tile it went pretty fast. And boy was it satisfying to see that pretty tile start to fill the room. We did the shower first and then the floor.

We decided to do white grout in the shower and gray grout on the floor. It looks AMAZING! After we finished the tile Jordan put the vanity in and my dad helped us get the toilet back in as we were moving stuff into the house. Literally in the nick of time. From there we only had a few more things to do and we spent the first week in the house finishing them up. We painted the bathroom, hung the mirror, changed the light fixture, added shelves, and towel hooks. We still need to put molding back on but we're so close I can taste it, and I just wanted to blog about it today!

This bathroom is SO pretty and it's SO tiny that it's really hard to photograph but here is my best attempt. It also has such good lighting, I just love it in there. It's probably totally weird if the bathroom is your favorite room in the house, but as of right now, this one is totally mine.


  1. It looks amazing!! I wish I could come learn how to do all this stuff from you guys!

  2. It's beautiful!!! That whole process sounded absolutely miserable though! When it rains it pours, right?! So fun that you get to fix up a house! I can't wait to see the rest of your projects :)

  3. That's awesome that you guys have the kinds of skills to do husband and I always talk about how one day, when we have a house, we're going to learn how to get all handy and stuff, but time will tell :) Your bathroom really does look great!

    (And what a nice thing for you to do for your folks, although I guess you're getting a cost-efficient place to stay for 5 months out of the deal, too!)


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