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Everyday | Week 3


Dylan and Logan's Graduation


Yesterday was a happy day. My baby brothers graduated from high school! I'm so happy that we live in the same state and that I can see them whenever I want and that I don't have to miss out on attending big events like their graduation. I had to force myself to hold it together, because the minute it started I got emotional. Even though graduations take FOREVER and can get a bit boring it's neat to see the culmination of so many hours, days, years of work for so many people all at once. Logan actually graduated early in January and Dylan earned a 4.0 his last two semesters of high school. Since I am 9 years older than them, I feel like I have watched them grow up instead of growing up along side them like most siblings do. It's been fun to watch them grow and become the great young men that they are. I'm so proud of both of them and can't wait to see where these next few pivotal years take them.

I had a hard time deciding what to get them for graduation, but I finally decided to make them money leis. I think they turned out really cool. Here is a link to the video tutorial I used. I used $2 bills instead of $1 bills though because I think they're cooler.

And then I had to make them recreate their adorable Kindergarten graduation photo. Watching them pose like this was probably my favorite part of the entire day!

Everyday | Week 2



To accompany my last post, but with some way less glamorous photos, here is a little dump of some phone pictures from the last few weeks.

^^Reagan had her VIP week at preschool and I loved how her poster turned out. She's so cool.

^^I went to Women's Conference at BYU a few weeks ago and LOVED every minute. It was exactly what I needed. I was feeling depleted and definitely needed a fill.

^^We ventured to the Church History Museum last week and had a fun time exploring. I had been wanting to see the new First Vision movie again and to show it to Reagan. The girls loved the kids play area.

^^Jordan was so excited that the Jazz make it to the playoffs this year and he was lucky enough to go to all but one of the home playoff games. I was lucky too because I got to go to two of the games and the girls even got to go to the last one.

^^Before we moved we were feeling stretched a bit thin, with church commitments and responsibilities filling up our evenings. Since our move (and with no callings yet) we have been making the most of our free evenings together. The other day we had dinner at the park and brought bubbles, our hammock, and the kite. It seemed like a perfect evening!

^^Reagan is always picking me the most beautiful flowers.

The second picture is of our bedroom looking so cozy and inviting (which is a rare feeling these days since moving/unpacking/remodeling. Most days after I put Naomi down for her nap, I will turn a show on for Reagan and try to sneak away to my bedroom for a little afternoon scripture study.

^^Reagan had a Mom and Muffin party at preschool and it was just so nice to go enjoy some special time with my Reagan (even though she refused to sing the songs during the program).

^^In the first picture I couldn't help but smile one day when I was buckling up the girls because Naomi had a million bracelets on and Reagan had a puppet on every finger and it just seemed like WOW I have so many daughters.

The second picture was taken at Reagan's most favorite store: Trader Joe's. It gets pretty hectic because both girls insist on driving a little cart and neither of them are very good at it but they do look cute doing it together.

^^The other week during our Temple Square FHE we couldn't help but recreate this little statue (like we also did almost 4 years ago). I think we did pretty good.

Everyday | Week 1


For a long time I have really loved the images and style of Andrea Hanki. The way she captures her children and their childhood is so beautiful. I want to be able to capture images in my home the way she does, instead of only getting out my camera if we're going somewhere cool or for holidays. In an attempt to do this I have been trying to get out my camera at least once a day to take pictures of the girls. I have been taking pictures for a long time and I love it, but I still have a lot to learn, so here's to learning more and the start of my new weekly project.

^^Naomi was really into pulling the playdough apart into a million tiny pieces and Reagan was the opposite. She just wanted to squish all of the colors together into big piles.

^^Picture of a picture.

^^Naomi is either pushing this shopping cart around or pulling a suitcase.

^^So many princess shoes at our house. And little figurines.

^^These magnets are a favorite at our house. We love them! (And sadly the company that makes them is going out of business!) I just ordered 36 more magnets because I was sad to know we wouldn't be able to get them any more, and I'm tempted to order even more.

^^Reagan went on a little bike ride with Jordan on Saturday and picked this rose out of someone's yard (I know, he tried to stop her... but it was too late). She said that it was beautiful like her mom and she wanted to give to it me for Mother's Day, so I had to capture this to remember!

^^Reagan really likes cutting with her special pink scissors, so I have been trying to let her do more construction paper projects. I love the concentration on her face.
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