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Everyday | Week 1


For a long time I have really loved the images and style of Andrea Hanki. The way she captures her children and their childhood is so beautiful. I want to be able to capture images in my home the way she does, instead of only getting out my camera if we're going somewhere cool or for holidays. In an attempt to do this I have been trying to get out my camera at least once a day to take pictures of the girls. I have been taking pictures for a long time and I love it, but I still have a lot to learn, so here's to learning more and the start of my new weekly project.

^^Naomi was really into pulling the playdough apart into a million tiny pieces and Reagan was the opposite. She just wanted to squish all of the colors together into big piles.

^^Picture of a picture.

^^Naomi is either pushing this shopping cart around or pulling a suitcase.

^^So many princess shoes at our house. And little figurines.

^^These magnets are a favorite at our house. We love them! (And sadly the company that makes them is going out of business!) I just ordered 36 more magnets because I was sad to know we wouldn't be able to get them any more, and I'm tempted to order even more.

^^Reagan went on a little bike ride with Jordan on Saturday and picked this rose out of someone's yard (I know, he tried to stop her... but it was too late). She said that it was beautiful like her mom and she wanted to give to it me for Mother's Day, so I had to capture this to remember!

^^Reagan really likes cutting with her special pink scissors, so I have been trying to let her do more construction paper projects. I love the concentration on her face.


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