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Naomi's Party


We had a little Minnie Mouse birthday party for our Nomi girl on Saturday complete with Minnie Ears, Hot Dogs/Brats, and all things pink and polka dot. We were originally going to have the party outside at a park but it was crazy windy so we relocated to my parents' house at the last minute. Its crazy to me that as of a few weeks ago Naomi is older than Reagan was when Naomi was born. Naomi seems like a baby to me and Reagan seemed like a giant when Naomi was born.

Reagan was so cute when it was time to open presents. She started talking a million miles a minute and was ripping open all of the presents trying to "help" Naomi, and bringing the next present over before Naomi had even had a chance to look at the first. It was hilarious. I wish we would have filmed it.

I'm so happy we could celebrate this cute girl and so happy that she is a part of our family!


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