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We had a few hours to kill in Miami both before and after our cruise. Our flight into Miami was a redeye so before our cruise we headed to Wynwood for some breakfast at Zak the Baker Deli and to check out Wynwood Walls. I really loved the one behind us in the picture above^^.

After our cruise we took a Lyft to Ocean Drive and walked over to the beach. I loved all of the Art Deco buildings and lifeguard stands. We dipped our feet in the water and then walked over to Big Pink for a snack before heading to the airport. We got a slice of the tallest, yummiest Snickers pie. It was DIVINE!



This last weekend we took a last minute cruise to the Bahamas. It was AWESOME! We had never been on a cruise and had been wanting to go on one for a LONG time. Jordan had a week off in between jobs and this was the perfect excuse to sneak away for a little vacation together. We found a good last minute deal on Carnival out of Miami. The prices were great and we were even able to splurge on a balcony, which we loved! Since we were new at the whole cruising thing, we were nervous about whether or not we'd get sea sick, but luckily neither of us noticed a thing.

Our cruise was 3 nights, with one stop in Nassau, Bahamas. I wasn't drawn into any of the excursions so we opted to just find an awesome beach and visit a few sites instead. When googling Nassau before our trip I found this list of the Worlds 100 Best Beaches and instantly decided that a beach that was #6 on that list was one that had to be visited by me. And it was incredible. The water was the perfect temperature to cool you off, but not too cold that I didn't want to get in. The sand was so soft and perfect and if you walk all the way down the beach you have the entire place to yourself, which felt like we were on some private paradise island. It was just amazing! I'd relive that day over and over again.

We were on the Carnival Victory and we really enjoyed the late night movies and popcorn, playing mini golf, the PG comedy shows, watching the karaoke, of course the food, and room service, as well as the water slide, and unlimited soft serve! Vacation and relaxation success!

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