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Escalante, Capitol Reef & the Shooting Star RV Resort


Jordan planned the funnest little getaway for us this last weekend. I knew we were heading to Escalante and Capitol Reef, but I didn't know where we were staying. When we pulled up to the Shooting Star RV Resort, and I saw all of the cute little Airstreams I almost died. It was the cutest place ever. It even had a Drive-in! All of the Airstreams are named and have a theme. We stayed in the Mrs. Rutledge trailer and it was AWESOME! It was not your ordinary trailer. Jordan and I had our own bedroom, there was a big kitchen, and big bathroom (complete with bathtub!), and a little living room/family room area. He planned all of our meals, most of which we cooked on the grill that accompanied the trailer out on the patio. We ate really tasty food all weekend! We had the best trip, and I feel so lucky to be married to someone who would spend so much time planning something he knew we would love. I took about a million pictures this weekend because everything was so cute, and this is why I have a blog... to share my millions of pictures.

Our trailer was on the end and had a GORGEOUS view, especially of the sunset. I loved the little patios they had built for each trailer. It was the perfect spot to hang out and relax. The girls loved moving their chairs all around, up and down off the patio and walking on the surrounding rocks.

They show movies at the Drive-in on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday nights. We caught a movie on Saturday night. They show cartoons before the actual movie starts, which the girls loved. They played a few minutes of Looney Toons while everyone was getting settled and checking out their little snack shack, which was also an Airstream. They have a few older cars you can "rent" to sit in to watch the movie or you can bring some camping chairs, which is what we did because we had a feeling that the girls wouldn't make it all the way through the movie, which they didn't. They usually take a poll to see which old movie to play. We watched Viva Las Vegas. I loved every minute of this experience!

There were these ladies staying there while we were there who were on a little girls trip. They dressed up for the movie, complete with wigs and feather boas. I couldn't resist a photo. And they insisted on letting Reagan and Naomi wear the boas for a photo too.

Like I mentioned above, Jordan planned all of our meals, and we ate some seriously tasty food. Shish-kabobs, burgers, lots of tasty grilled vegetables (corn, asparagus, artichoke), cupcakes baked in oranges, and I think my favorite was a breakfast sausage loaf which was wrapped in a bacon lattice (which unfortunately I didn't get a picture of!).

^^Here we have a little Airstream pajama model. She was so cute while we were packing and suggested that she bring her slippers in case her toes got cold.

On Saturday we hiked up to Lower Calf Creek Falls. It was a much more difficult hike than our girls had ever done and we knew that there was a chance that there would be a significant amount of complaining (and that we might not even make it) but they did SO well and we only had a couple of rough miles. It was just about 6 miles in total and the last mile or so on the way there Reagan started dragging her feet. We made it to the waterfall and had lunch and let the girls play and swim in the water for a long time. When we were sufficiently rested we headed back. The hike back was much harder than the way there, but somehow it felt like it went faster (probably because we were actually walking faster). Reagan's feet were hurting her and somehow Jordan found the strength to carry her almost all the way back. It was a seriously gorgeous and huge waterfall. I'm so glad we did it.

Sunday on our way home we visited Capitol Reef. We knew that Reagan wouldn't step foot on another hiking trail, so we opted for a driving tour of the park instead, stopping at a few different look out points. We also stopped at the Gifford House and bought a tasty peach pie for dessert with our picnic lunch.

^^Naomi LOVES accessorizing, and I know that if we need a few minutes of happiness and distraction from Naomi I just need to get out the little bag of play jewelry. These sunglasses broke and the lenses got popped out and kind of turn Naomi into a baby hipster when she's wearing them. This picture needs to be framed next to this one of Reagan from our trip to Hawaii.

I'm glad I finally made it to Capitol Reef after almost 9 years of living in Utah. I can FINALLY say that I've been to all of the National Parks in the state.

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  1. This looks so fun! I love looking at your pictures too! Will bd adding this to our bucket list :)


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