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Huntsman 140


Jordan rode in a 140 mile bike race on Saturday. Can you even imagine biking for 9 hours straight?! I'm so proud of him. It's the longest he's ever rode by far and he hasn't even been ridiculously sore since the race. He's been biking and training a lot this summer and all of his hard work paid off. One of the things that he likes about biking, and especially organized rides is the variety of interesting people he gets to meet and talk to. He rode with the group above for the last about 50-60 miles and loved getting to know them and hearing about their lives (one of them won The Amazing Race!).

I'm so glad that everything went well for Jordan on this race because I was out of town and nervous to be missing his race. Next up, his 120 miler in 3 weeks. This guy is an awesome biking champion! Go Jordan!

This post is in partnership with the Huntsman Cancer Foundation but all opinions are mine, and all of the pictures and hard work was done by my awesome husband!


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