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Last Day of Preschool


Today was Reagan's last day of her first year of preschool. (Did you get all of that?) She had the best time and absolutely adored her teacher, Miss Cindi, which is why I continued to drive her up to Layton twice a week even after we moved down to Salt Lake. She had her little graduation program on Tuesday. She didn't really sing any of the songs but sure gave me lots of thumbs up, so that's almost just as good. She can recognize almost all her letters, uppercase and lowercase, but doesn't have very much interest in writing them quite yet. Miss Cindi says that she is great at making friends and is in her words, "a little mom," which we're pretty sure is a nice way of saying that she's a bit bossy. I have to mention that I love her painted finger nails in these pictures, pink and green, her favorite colors and I also love her Peek-a-Boo. She thought that was hilarious. Reagan is such an awesome girl and I'm so happy that she loved school this year!

P.S. Here are the pictures from her first day of preschool. She has grown so much!


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