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Reagan Jane turns FOUR!


My tiny baby turned FOUR today. I'm just in shock. She just keeps getting bigger and bigger and growing more and more. She is the BEST! I was thinking about this child of mine all week in anticipation of her birthday, and I was thinking about what a powerful person she is. Sometimes I hate it, like when she throws fits at the grocery store, or when she wants to paint in her bed but for the most part she's just so powerful for good. She is generally positive and can't help but look at the bright side of life.

This child came into this world and changed EVERYONE around her. She made me a mom and Jordan a dad but she also made our parents grandparents for the very first time. She made all of our brothers uncles for the first time and she turned two of our grandmas into great grandmas. It's incredible. It helps that Jordan and I are both the oldest in our families, but I think this fact has somehow rubbed off on her. She is such a worth-while person and I know that she will continue to change the lives of the people who come in contact with her throughout her life.

At four years old she really likes Naomi and every time she gets something, she has to get two, one for her and one for her sister. Or if she goes somewhere without Naomi she has to inform people that her sister is safely at home. She loves story time before bed and since April for the first time in her life she has started requesting that I lay with her before bed (which I love). Whenever you ask her what she wants to eat (no matter the meal) she says turkey. She loves riding her balance bike and is getting really good at it. She LOVES playing at parks and she loves it when we have "two park days" where we go to two different parks in one day. She loves going to her Grandmas' houses. She loves juice, lemonade, and of course kid Diet Coke (Caffeine Free). Her all time favorite food/treat is a blue cookie (sugar cookie) from Fiiz.

Ah! I just love this girl! Happy birthday to my Reagan, the girl who made me a mom.

(P.S. Don't miss the hilarious Reagan quotes at the bottom.)

I've been collecting all of the awesome things she has said since her last birthday and if you're ready for a good laugh read on (my favorite ones are bolded, if you just want to skim):

Nomi is a grown up. Nomi is a grown up baby.

Those are dangerous shoes. (Her purple crocs)

(After church) Welcome to this cool house.

I want to eat a cookie at five cherty (5:30) with daddy.

"Where is mommy? Where her be? Where is her?"

Dylan: Reagan habla español?
R: No, not today. I'm too busy.

That's OK, I already pooped on Wednesday at home.

(During a car nap to bed transfer) My hamburger is ruined! 

More sugar for everyone! (Spilling salt everywhere while we are in the other room)

I want to watch the river movie. (Pocahontas)

He not was happy. He cried. He was missing his mom.

(After running lots of errands). It's home time.

C: Reagan look at the sheep. 
R: Those are probably Cows. 

J: Do you see the pink sky?
R: It's beautiful.... It's wonderful too.

Martha: Did you fall down at the park?
R: Yeah. I not was broking my arm.

J: Cougars lost.
R: Cougars lost. They need to find their mom.

He has a rain umbrella.

I lost my phone at college.

(With a wet towel over her head and face in the bathtub) I'm going to college.

R: What happened to his dad? (Talking about simba)
C: He died (said sadly)
R: Oh like your phone died.

C: What college do you want to go to?
R: Miss Cindi's preschool college!

(In a breakfast prayer) Thank you for the muffin Jesus gave to me. 

The boys can have a little bit a sit by me. Boys can sit by girls.

After spending the night at Grandma Martha's house
J: What did Mawma give you for breakfast?
R: Two hamburgers.

Five, six, tweven (every time she's counting)

R: Dad look at my pee pee dance
(started twirling).
J: Do you have to go potty?
R: Yes I need to go pee pee

At 7:45am
R: Let's have lunch.
J: What do you want for lunch?
R: Breakfast.

Heavenly Father, thankful for my mommy, my daddy, and my sister Nomi, but not my dog. Because I don't have a dog. 

Cars are yucky to eat. The Dr said not to eat cars. 

(Driving by the refineries) They're making clouds!!

Dad you're a big Sorensen. I'm a little Sorensen.

Can I just have one cookie? (Then adds) At a time...

The clock says Nomi will be big in a mimute.

Christoff and Olaf are on the nice list.

Thank you for cooking celery Dad.

Reagan just said: You give me some sticky popcorn for dinner?

I love everyfing. Pink suckers, stickers, the bank, and Hawi.

The Little Mermaid!! It's a cool show mom.

I love so friendly dragons.

It's really green o'clock.

I fink day time is over. I fink now is nighttime.

C: What was your favorite part of church today?
R: The Spirit (nods with confidence).

C: Are you done?
R: Still almost.

Saw an airplane right before dad came home from work
C: Is dad in that airplane?
R: No! There's nice folks in it!

You're driving fast. You're making me nervous.

C: Look at those pretty mountains. What do they have on top of them? (Snow.)
R: Umm...donkeys.

Ugh, it's not my favorite to have dinner.

(After entering a tunnel) It's dark! I can't see my eyes!

I want to get married at the Logan temple to a boy named Jordan.

C: what letter is this?
R: Q
C: Actually it's V
R: Oh, I call it Q. 

You're a stink.
He's a stink.
She's a stink.

After anything bad happens: Oh darn it!!

I like that tree.
C: Why?
It has plants on it.

R: Mom, can we please go buy yogurt today, for all the days?
C: We have yogurt.
R: We need more!

R: That's a sticky park.
C: Why is it sticky?
R: Because it has lots of sticks in it.

(In her night time prayers) Thank you for mommy's eyes, thank you for daddy's mouth, thank you for sister's nose, and my hair.

I cry for bears and mean guys. 

Nomi will you shake my hand for an hour?

Look our friend silver van!

(Dylan threatening to kidnap Naomi) Give her back! That's ours!

R: Mom, do we drink ocean water?
C: No, it's very salty.
R: Oh we drink food water?

R: Six is a yucky number.
C: Why?
R: Because I like 4.

Naomi: All gone! (Shaking half empty Fiiz drink)
R: No it's not Nomi! You forgot to drink the bottom!

I have two hands for two toys.


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