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Reagan's Fourth Birthday Party


We had a little birthday party for Reagan last night. She requested an Anna and Elsa party with donuts and we sure delivered. While we were hanging up the decorations Reagan exclaimed, "This is going to be the coolest party every!" and I definitely think it was. She is the perfect age for birthday parties. Every part of the party was exciting for her (except when I was trying to take her picture). She was ecstatic when people started arriving, she loved handing out princess crowns, she loved opening presents (and was quite hilarious doing so).

We ordered her birthday donuts from Banbury Cross and they were DIVINE! We think they have the best donuts in all of Utah. We bought the sprinkles at Gygi and they put them on the donuts for us. I can't say enough how much I loved those donuts. The purple icing was blueberry and so so tasty. We also ate "frozen hearts" (chocolate covered strawberries), and "finished each others' sandwiches."

She was hilarious while opening her presents. She would say things like, "Oh binoculars! I've been needing those!" and her excitement at seeing a brand new box of "Frozen" bandaids was priceless! She did the same thing at Naomi's birthday party. She starts talking really fast and high pitched and gets so excited she almost works herself into an asthma attack. It's comical. She had us laughing the entire time. This was her best birthday party yet because she really understood what was going on and loved all of it.


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