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San Francisco Getaway


I snuck away last weekend for a quick getaway to San Francisco to visit Rachel, one of my wonderful former roommates. I had the best time! I think I might want to make this an annual visit, because that city is awesome, and it's so rejuvenative to get away from your routine for a while. I found flights for $53 each way and decided I needed to go. We crammed so much fun into my short two days. We hit the ground running and visited so many cool sites.

We drove straight into the city and drove down Lombard Street, visited the Painted Ladies, got some delicious snacks at Tartine Bakery, and then headed over to Ocean Beach. We hiked down to Sutro Baths and then drove across the Golden Gate Bridge. While we were north of the bridge we tried to visit the Point Bonita Lighthouse but it was unfortunately closed, but while we were driving up there we spotted a whale flipping it's tail all around in the water so we considered it a win. We had a picnic up by the lighthouse and then headed to Muir Woods, via Sausalito. I always get so frustrated when trying to photograph redwood trees, because it is literally impossible to capture just how HUGE those things are. At Muir Woods we saw a baby gray fox, which was so cute. For dinner we headed to Castro Street in Mountain View where Rachel lives and met up with some friends for dinner at Blueline Pizza. We met up with Annie, who was in my stake growing up, and it was so fun to catch up.

We slept in the next morning and Rachel made delicious crepes for breakfast. Once we got going we headed back to Ocean Beach. On Friday we had tried to visit the Camera Obscura but it was unfortunately closed. But luckily it was open on Saturday! And I'm so glad because it.was.AWESOME! I LOVED it. It was a crazy day to be visiting that area because it just so happened to be Corgi Con and there were thousands of people (and Corgis) on the beach. Another reason we wanted to head back to this area was because there was another little hike we wanted to do. Land's End. It was a great little hike with great views of the beautiful bridge.

From there we headed to Japantown for an early dinner and of course to go to some stationary stores, my favorite thing in the world. After some great recommendations from Rachel and Spencer's friends we landed on Ramen Yamadaya. It was my first real ramen experience and it was great! After that we headed across the street to the mall to visit Maido, where I spent a little bit too much money. Then we were ready for a treat and Sophie's Crepes hit the spot! They put ice cream in the crepes. Delicious!

It was so fun to catch up with Rachel and get to know Spencer and tour around that beautiful City by the Bay! Rachel and Spencer were so hospitable and I had absolutely the best time!

^^This Camera Obscura was AMAZING! I had been wanting to visit this ever since my student teaching when we turned our classroom into a camera. Here is a little flier about the Giant Camera, with some information about how it works. There's a mirror that rotates around 360° which shines through two lenses and projects the scenes on a parabolic table. It's incredible. These pictures are all blurry but they kind of show what the images looked like. It was so so cool. I don't usually like using the term "geeking out!" but in this instance I was definitely geeking out. Photography is so cool.

Thank you Spencer and Rachel for the wonderful visit!! You guys are the BEST!


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