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Ziplining at Sundance


We had the funnest time Ziplining at Sundance on Saturday afternoon. We rode all 4 of the ziplines and they were all awesome but the last one was especially fun. Jordan was a speed demon and his Garmin watch clocked him at 71 mph at one point. This was my first time ever ziplining and it was better than I thought it was going to be. I think I was nervous but ended up having a blast. I can't wait to do some more ziplining... Maybe we should head to Costa Rica or Hawaii or something. Ziplining is a pretty good excuse for a trip right? The scenery in Utah is pretty gorgeous though, it will be hard to beat. It was quite the way to spend an afternoon.

Everyday | Week 6


Days of '47 Rodeo


We received free tickets to the Days of '47 Rodeo for last night. We found some bandanas and some cowboy hats and practiced our "Yeehaws!" This was the first time the new Days of '47 Arena had been used so they had a big dedication program at the beginning, which included singing by the Mormon Tabernacle Choir and a dedicatory prayer by Elder Ballard. Our stake was given some tickets as a thank you for enduring the construction process in our neighborhood. They also had a dinner before the rodeo catered by Red Iguana and it was tasty! I can't wait to go back to this rodeo in like 15 years and tell the girls that they were able to be at the very first rodeo in this new arena.

Reagan's favorite part was seeing the rodeo queens. "The queens!?" She particularly loved their crowns. Naomi was probably most interested in the kettle corn but every once in a while she'd point and say, "horsey!" Jordan and I thought the bucking broncos were pretty exciting. Ultimately, we only lasted through the intermission (which was at 9:30!) so it was a bit of a bummer we didn't get to see the bulls... maybe at our next rodeo (when we get a babysitter).

Weekend in Colorado


We spent last weekend in the beautiful Colorado mountains. I love being in the mountains. I'm not picky, any mountains will do: Colorado, Utah, Idaho, just mountains. BUT I am a little biased and do have to admit that I love Colorado mountains just a titch more than probably any other mountains. We met and spent the weekend with Annett and Jim because Jordan and Jim were supposed to be biking in a 120 mile bike race that basically climbed 3 mountains. Unfortunately the race got canceled the night before we left due to a forest fire in Breckenridge. We were staying in Keystone though, and had already booked a condo so we decided to still go and Jim and Jordan still decided to do a fun long ride anyway (and to be honest we never saw any smoke or even noticed anything about the Peak 2 Fire). They were going to be riding the Triple Bypass Race, climbing 3 passes: Vail, Loveland, and Juniper. Instead, they ended up doing a double bypass ride, climbing Vail and Loveland passes. They had a great time and really enjoyed all of the beautiful scenery.

While the boys biked the girls played. First we headed over to the Keystone Village and rented a paddleboat. My girls LOVED it. We bought a little bag of fish food while we were renting the boat, which was awesome. The girls were thrilled to be feeding the fish, ducks, and geese. Also worth mentioning, the fish were HUMONGOUS! They were the biggest Rainbow Trout Annett and I had ever seen (and I mean, it makes sense.... tourists are feeding them fish food pellets all day long, all summer...). They were like 2 feet long and very round. When they would come to the top of the water to get the food it was slightly terrifying. I think we all screamed at one point or another because they were almost vicious about it.

After our paddleboat adventure we headed to Copper Mountain to ride the ski lift. I tried to explain to Reagan what we were going to do and I told her it was kind of like a swing, so she called it the big swing. I sat Naomi on my lap, and Annett held Reagan and we had so much fun taking in the gorgeous views. From there we headed to Vail to pick up the boys from their ride and then we swam at the condo pool, which was definitely a highlight for the girls.

My girls just LOVE being with their Net Net. I kept/keep trying to tell Reagan that Annett is their Great Aunt, and Reagan always replies by saying, "No, she's just my friend! Can't she be my friend?!" We're soooo lucky to have a Net Net. I have had many instances in my life where I have though, I'm so glad that she is mine. I'm so lucky to have her as my aunt. I feel sorry for everyone who doesn't get to have her as their aunt (ha!). Reagan said that her favorite part of our trip was swimming with Net Net. We were lucky to get her all to ourselves for a weekend.

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