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I have a few more pictures from our trip to Nebraska for the eclipse. We had a fun little weekend that included a trip to the Scottsbluff Zoo with Splash Pad, and a swim at the country club. We played games and met Addie's sweet new baby, Odin. We also visited Rebecca Winter's grave. She is my 7th great-grandma who died of cholera in Scottsbluff while crossing the plains. After the eclipse and on our way to Colorado I got my first taste of Runza.

I should have taken a few more pictures at the zoo, but we weren't there very long and kind of all got separated. I hope we can go back again next time we visit. Reagan loved the splash pad, and we had a great time watching the spider monkeys swing around. I didn't get to see the lion but I sure heard how mad he was when they put him inside for the night.

I snapped a few pictures of Odin literally minutes before we walked out the door. He's sure a cute little thing.


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