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Totality in Alliance | Eclipse 2017


When you have a free place to stay that is directly in the path of totality during an eclipse (and you already like visiting those people) you take a trip and go see it. My aunt lives in Scottsbluff, Nebraska which was already in the line of totality, but just 30 minutes north is Alliance which was even more on the path of totality so we drove up there to watch. If I understand correctly, driving the 30 minutes enabled us to see totality for a little bit longer than we would have in Scottsbluff (I think that's how it works :/ )

We had eclipse glasses for everyone thanks to my cousin. Reagan was pretty great at wearing them, Naomi not as much, but we kept a close eye on them to make sure they weren't staring up without glasses. When the eclipse started I thought it just looked bizarre to see a chunk of the sun "missing." It got way darker than I thought it would (on the drive to Nebraska Jordan and I were making fun of the signs that said, "Headlights on during Eclipse") and the process of dusk to dawn in the middle of the day was nuts-o. Totality was absolutely amazing. To see that ring of light surrounding the sun/moon was incredible. During the entire process we had to look at the sun with our eclipse glasses but during totality it was almost too dark to be wearing the glasses, so we were able to take the glasses off to look. I also really liked that moment right at the end of totality when you can see the "diamond ring."

When we were contemplating whether or not to go to Nebraska for the eclipse we kept wondering what the difference would be between 90% totality in Salt Lake or 100% in Nebraska. We kept saying that in college we were usually pretty satisfied with a 90-92% but I think in this case we made the right choice in choosing the 100%. It was AMAZING!

^^We watched the Eclipse at the LDS church building in Alliance Nebraska. There was a nice big field for us to sit and lay in, the girls were able to run around, and we were able to meet up with some of our friends from Castle Rock. We weren't the only ones who had this idea. There were a few other mormon-eclipsers from out of town who had the same idea as us. The bishop from Alliance stopped by at one point to let us in to go to the bathroom. Pretty thoughtful!

^^We kept monitoring the progress with my dad's binoculars. We could see it with our eclipse glasses but it was fun to project it onto the sidewalk too.


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