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Dylan's Mission Call


My brother, Dylan, recently received his mission call! He will be serving a 2 year mission for our church in the Mongolia Ulaanbaatar Mission. He reports to the Provo MTC on January 24th. He did his final interview with the stake president on September 18th, and then started waiting the typical 3 weeks to receive his call, when his bishop texted him saying that his call had been issued on the 21st (THREE DAYS LATER!), and that he should receive it any day. He got it in the mail on the 28th and had a little mission call opening party that night. Mongolia seemed pretty out of the blue for me. For some reason Asia hadn't even crossed my mind. And Mongolia isn't one of those place that you hear frequently when mission calls are mentioned (like Brazil).

He was SO nervous! He opened the call, no flippy trick or anything and read it to himself first and then read it out loud. Complete shock!

I'm so proud of him and his desire to serve a mission. He will do great! I'm excited to watch all of the preparation that will be happening in the next few months, as he gets ready to embark on this life changing adventure.

Home Sweet Home


We bought a new house today! We signed all of the papers so it is officially official. And we already live in it, so that's nice. Usually after you buy a house a big move is involved, but not this time. If you need a little refresher, here it is in a nutshell: We sold our first home in April to get ready to move to England for grad school this fall. We were going to live in my recently deceased great-great uncle's house for a few months while we got ready to head to England. A few weeks after we sold our house Jordan received a very compelling job offer that we couldn't refuse. So we did some course correction. No more England, no more grad school, staying in Utah. We decided to buy the house we were supposed to only be staying in temporarily.

This adventure has been CA-RAAAZY and if I'm being honest it's been really hard for me. Not only because we've basically been living in a construction zone due to all of the house projects we've been doing but because we were supposed to be moving to England and instead we're not. We're staying here. We are making this house awesome and I do love working on house projects but let's be honest... it's not quite England. I wanted that really bad. To have spent so much time researching programs and applying for schools, getting accepted, touring the schools and cities and now, to not be going.... I'm a little bit heartbroken. We made this decision months ago, but for whatever reason signing those papers and officially closing on this house really feels like we're closing the doors on one of my dreams.

While I am incredibly sad to not be going to England, I am excited about this house. This house will be so great for us financially and it will be exactly our taste and totally perfect for us once we finish all of our projects. I know that buying this house is a good thing. And speaking of projects, because we bought this house from family, we have been able to start working on all of these projects before we actually closed on it. So since moving in in April we have completely redone the bathroom, ripped out all of the carpet, had all of the plumbing redone (including the main sewer line), updated all of the electrical (including moving and replacing the panel box), painted our bedroom and the living room, we are in the process of refinishing the hardwood floors in preparation for redoing the kitchen, a fence is currently being built in the backyard, we've revived the dying yard, took off old shutters and awnings, replaced some facia and after we finish the kitchen we will start finishing the basement (which is a HUGE project in and of itself). WHEW! That sounds sort of ridiculous when I say it all in a big list like that. (And that explains why my brain has not been functioning at full capacity lately!)

I've sort of taken on the roll of general contractor for this house, and I have to say, I am enjoying it. I've been posting every little update about our home renovation journey on Instagram @sorensenprojecthouse, if you're interested in following along. We've got a long way to go but we are steadily making progress and I'm so excited for the home we will have when we're finished.

Here's to new dreams, and new adventures, with new plans and lots and lots of remodeling dust!

Backpacking to Goat Lake


Jordan went backpacking over Labor Day weekend with his dad and brother, an uncle, some cousins, and a few friends. They hiked up to and camped at Baptie Lake and then would hike up to Goat Lake everyday to fish. Goat Lake is the highest elevation lake in Idaho with fish. Jordan's grandpa went backpacking here as a boy with his dad, Jordan's dad went as a boy with his dad, and now Jordan and his brothers get to go with their dad. This was Jordan's third trip to Goat Lake and he says that they easily caught over 200 fish in their weekend of fishing. Jordan's cousin, Logan, has a few llamas who came with them on this trip and proved especially helpful at carrying up some of their gear. These llamas were named Kuzco, Esma, and Kronk. Jordan's phone ended up dying pretty early on in their trip so he didn't get too many pictures. Luckily, Dave took lots of pictures on his phone. I'm glad we have some pictures to document this fun trip.

^^A llama selfie

First Day of Preschool - Round 2


New house, new school, new teacher, new friends. This year has been a big transition year for us and I'm so proud of Reagan for being the brave girl she is. I'm glad that we were able to find a new preschool and that she was still excited even though it was all new. Last year she did two days a week in the afternoon and this year she's doing three days a week in the mornings. She is a pretty awesome kid.

Photo dump


It's time for a bit of a photo dump. I like to do these periodically. This is the end of summer edition. I'll just dive right in. The above pictures are from last Friday. We have signed the girls up for ballet. They had their first classes last week and they both thought it was just about the best thing to ever happen to them. Their classes are 45 minutes each, Reagan goes first and then Naomi. They look so so cute in their leotard and tights.

1. The first picture is from earlier this summer. Reagan took swim lessons and LOVED it. I didn't get her signed up until pretty late in the summer. I wish I would have had her doing it all summer long, but one session was all we got around to this year. Hopefully we can do a few more sessions this fall/winter. This was my best attempt at a picture of her holding her completion certificate.

2. We had a free Saturday afternoon a few weeks ago and wanted to do something fun as a family. We decided to use our B1G1 coupon for Kangaroo Zoo. These girls had the best time jumping around and climbing on all of the blow up slides.

3. My mom and I went to see Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dream Coat at Sundance and had a great time! We had a yummy BBQ dinner at Sundance before it started and thoroughly enjoyed the cowboy version of this show.

4. I had to include this picture because Reagan got a hold of my phone one day in the car and took a picture of Dylan. After she took the picture she said, "That's a quality photo!" We thought it was pretty hilarious.

1. and 2. Logan broke his back earlier this summer cliff jumping at Lake Powell. It's a compression fracture between his T12 and L1. He gets to wear a schnazzy backbrace for 3 months which has caused some changes to his mission and job plans. At his last check up the doc said that he's healing, so hopefully by the end of September he'll be able to stop wearing the brace all the time.

3. This one is a bit silly but on our way home from camping, my dad and I passed this huge potato on a truck. It was quite the sight!

4. While Jordan and Reagan were at the Princess Baseball game Naomi and I went on our own little Cafe Rio and City Creek date. She's the cutest!

A few weeks ago we took a little family hike up to a cool suspension bridge in Draper. Jordan recently got called as the Young Men's president in our ward and was in charge of a combined YM/YW hike. We had been wanting to do this hike for a while so we came and did it to see if it would be a good one for the youth, which it was, so Jordan did this hike twice in one week.

My cousin got married last week and it was fun to have family in town for the occasion. My girls are always goo-goo over brides and all things weddings so I'm glad we were able to take them to the temple so they could see them come out. And of course the food at the reception was tasty and it was a great excuse to spend time with aunts, uncles, and my grandma from out of town.

My Aunt Shari and Uncle Nate brought their boat into town when they came for the wedding and we got to spend a day out on the lake with them. Reagan loved every minute of it! She has asked to go boating everyday since we went. She especially loved riding on the tube.

Jordan and I bought football tickets this year and had a fun time melting away in the hot heat at the first game two weeks ago. Our seats are two rows above Dave and Martha's and two rows in front of Devan. Stephanie and Landan came to this game and it was fun to have all of Jordan's brothers together at half time.

I had to include these cute pictures of pictures from the many summer weddings we attended which all seemed to have instax cameras for their guest book sign in. The first is of Dylan and the girls (with cotton candy), and the second is of course our family.
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